Importance of the right type of foundation

I recently purchased a Flobed with the vzone. I didnt want to pay the exhorbitant prices flobeds charges for foundations so while I shopped for a new foundation, I decided to use the foundation I had used for my spring mattress. For the first 2 weeks on my Flobed, I woke up with a lower back ache, something that did not happen on my prior spring mattress which was very firm. At first, I thought it was the Flobed, but wanted to eliminate the foundation as a possible source of problems. I finally found a really nice wood slat foundation - see my other post describing that - and the very first night my backache went away completely. The feel of the mattress on the solid slat foundation is not just a little different, but is significantly different. So i am very happy i corrected the issues with the foundation to eliminate that as a source of problems. Now the mattress can do its job and I am sleeping with no back aches.

How do you like your flo-bed?

I’ m asking because my wife and I are seriously considering buying one.

The v-zone seems too complicated to me and a little over kill but maybe I’m missing the value and not understanding the benefits ?


Hi johnkeith,

A zoning system can be helpful with alignment because it provides different levels of support under different parts of the body. It can be especially valuable for those who are more “difficult to fit” because of unusual body types such as more athletic builds, body types that have a wider gap between the waist and hips or waist and shoulders, or weight distributions that are unusual. they can also be helpful for those who are very sensitive and are more on the “princess and the pea” end of the scale than the “I can sleep on anything” end of the scale. There is more about zoning in this article and in post #11 here.

The advantage of the vZone system is that the zones can be customized or changed so they can be personalized for each person.