In chicago - certainly considering mygreenmattress, but...

Thanks for all the insite. It’s been very educational browsing the site and forum.

Live in Chicago and fairly certain I’d like a latex bed to replace the severely overworn bed I have currently (still fairly comfortable - very firm interspring mattress purchased used ~8yrs ago for $100, with a nice 3in, 5lb density memory foam topper we got ~6yrs ago).

As I have seen mygreenmattress recommended numerous times before, especially to anyone in the Chicago area - I’ll be going there soon to check it out.

I couldn’t help but notice though that BrooklynBedding / Dreamfoam is selling a “Total Latex” bed made with 100% Talalay Latex at a price point that I haven’t seen anywhere else (From my limited browsing over a dozen or so sites, most mentioned here).

So, what’s the catch?

Hi rastico,

Value has many components and depends on the design, features, and options of the mattress and on the materials that are used as well as all the other objective, subjective, and intangible benefits that go with any mattress purchase.

The list of manufacturers that are members of this site and sell online are in post #21 here and many of them sell latex mattresses (including MyGreenMattress). Some of them are less and some are more than the Total Latex Mattress and each has different features and benefits that may be more or less important to different people. The Total Latex Mattress uses blended Talalay but Talalay is a manufacturing process so latex is either 100% Talalay or it’s not Talalay at all … there’s no in between.

My Green Mattress, for example, sells their Evergreen mattress (Note added later: this is a discontinued product from My Green Mattress Products) which also has 9" of latex (the top and bottom layers are 100% natural Talalay and the core is blended Talalay) and are two sided and they happen to be one of the ones that are a little bit less than the one you mentioned which means that you have the best of both worlds … the ability to test it (or their other mattresses) and great value as well.

No catch … just some of the best quality and value mattresses in the country :slight_smile: