In search of reliable, adjustable base

Hello there. Skip this next paragraph for my question, but here is some background info:

Based on the advice and research from Mattress Underground and the forums, I purchased 2 twin XL all Latex mattresses from SleepOnLatex (purchased 2 twin XL instead of King because my wife has chronic nerve problem - trigeminal neuralgia if you’ve ever heard of that awful, awful condition). Loved the mattress immediately, great support, comfortable and more breathable than many memory foams we’ve tried in the past. After a year decided to add a 3" latex topper to effectively make each mattress into a 12" latex mattress. The soft 3" topper made the bed even more comfortable. Purchased these in Dec. 2015 and couldn’t be happier. We love them. In fact, sometimes we travel with them because we are now bed snobs apparently. I have “sold” the mattresses to 4 other couples we are friends with, and they have all thanked me - I told them to thank Mattress Underground of course!

Here’s my Question: does anyone have a reasonably priced adjustable bed they can recommend for the price and durability/reliability? My wife has now developed sciatica and also has acid reflux, so hoping the adjustable bed may help her, especially with her nerve problems.

I’ve spent the last 2 days researching here on the forums, and there seems to be very little info. on specific adjustable bed recommendations, especially as compared to mattress recommendations. I have seen several post and topics referenced when this question comes up, but one is from 2012 and some of the others are from 2015-2018. Many of the models have changed and some of the recommended retailers have changed their offerings.

I am going to call a few of the recommended retailers after work today with a few questions. But I would love a recommendation from someone that bought one, it works as intended, and they would recommend the retailer. I think the only real must have for us is the independent raising of the different regions of the base to allow my wife to adjust head and feet (or possibly another section) to (hopefully) ease her nerve pain. We don’t need the bed to massage us or have lighting or anything fancy. And I would prefer a remote over a Bluetooth smartphone app like some of them have.

Does anyone have a recommendation to share with me? Or, does anyone have any to stay away from? Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

Hi PristineReflections.

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Adjustable bases are one of those things that are almost as personal (maybe moreso in some cases) than the mattress itself. Some people want something they can adjust with a remote, others are okay with a manual base. Others have even more bells and whistles they’re looking for in terms of like, USB ports, massage capabilities, etc.

The GhostBed adjustable base may be worth a gander.

I’m also hoping those with experience will chime in and offer their thoughts.


I have to disagree with your assessment. I mean, obsiouvly there is personal preference and different adjustable bases have different features. But whereas a majority of the features do not affect sleeping ability, comfort, etc. I would argue that adjustable bases are a lot more ubiquitous than mattresses. Further, i dont think the different brands of adjustable bases affect sleep quality anywhere near compared to a mattress.

I am just looking for someone that owns a simple, quality adjustable base that had a good experience purchasing it for less than $2,000. Is there anyone on the forum that can recommend an adjustable base an a dealer for me? I only need an adjustable base that allows independent movement of different sections (head, neck, feet, etc.) and ability to have 2 remotes for split king (no bluetooth app please). Those are my only 2 requirements outside of price/quality. Anyone have a recommendation?

I just ordered this one (they also make a King split version):

A lot of people on Reddit were saying this was the best price/value adjustable bed. Has pretty much all the fancy features for a fraction of the cost.

Thank you the reply, that is helpful. I have seen many favorable reviews for the Members Mark adjustable bed you referenced in your reply. My wife and I have been strongly considering this as an option. But we are nervous, because in our experience the saying, “you get what you pay for” proves true mofe often than not.

Meissa had a great post in November 2022. Like Meissa, my wife and I have been looking at different models made by L&P, Reverie, Ergomotion and Rize. And like Meissa, we found a local retailer that carries SmartFlex.

Our local retailer (Charleston Bedding Mattress) has been selling the SmartFlex Adjustable beds for the past 3 years with excellent results. They told us the SF-500 is their most pupular bed.

I am curious if anyone has purchased a SmartFlex adjustable bed. Please share your experience (good or bad) if you are reading this and you decided to purchase a SmartFlex adjustable bed.

Thank you!


I don’t have anything to compare it to but I’ve had the Members Mark for a little over a week. It’s been great! Does everything as advertised, seems quiet, and solid build quality. Also Sam’s Club has a crazy generous return policy/warranty if you’re not happy with it!