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Hi all! What a FANTASTIC site! Want to thank everyone, especially Phoenix, for all of the information here. I’ve been reading for about 4 days now and have really learned a lot.

My wife and I are looking to replace a 15 year old king size Beautyrest pillow top. I am a 5’10" 215lb side sleeper. My wife is a 5’6" 150lb stomach and side sleeper.

I REALLY like the feel of the Tempur Rhapsody, though not the price. Also, my wife is not sold on the idea of a foam mattress. She still thinks of the old eggcrate camp mattresses of our youth.

I have it narrowed down to 3 mattresses.

The first is a Restava Signet. The specs seem a little off to me, but it is the model that they compare directly to the Rhapsody. It is also the cheapest, possibly highest value, at $1319 with the foundation and shipping.

Second choice is the Selectfoam Regalis. Their specs seem to most closely match the Rhapsody. It is the most expensive choice at $2199 including the foundation and shipping.

My third choice is a more conventional mattress and the only one I can actually lay on first. It is the United and Holland (they are here in town) Dream Machine 8000. It is a traditional innerspring mattress with Talalay latex foam rubber padding. It splits the difference in cost at $1619 + tax with foundationa and delivery.

Any guidance, comments, or at this point, war stories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, all.

We recently bought a Regalis from selectfoam and it is WAY harder than the Rhapsody. Try testing the Tempurpedic “Grand Bed” and see what you think. It is much closer to the Regalis, although the Regalis is still a little more firm than the Grand Bed. Hope this helps.

Hi Texasred,

I agree with you that the specs on this seem to be a little off and I would want to know the density of the memory foam layers before I compared it directly to either the Tempurpedic or the Select foam (both of which use higher density memory foam in the top layer). Their HD mattresses which are supposed to be comparable to the Tempurpedic Contour mattresses that use HD memory foam are very difficult to find now on the site. I’ll have to call them and find out why when I have the chance.

I know from my conversations with them that they us particularly good quality foam (density is comparable to the Temper but they use foams that are poured by one of the best in the industry). They have also been “matched” in both specs and feel. The layers are slightly different than the equivalent tempur even though they are the same or higher quality because of the differences in the foams themselves to match the feel between them.

This is of course an apples to oranges comparison with the other two because it uses completely different materials but if it “fits” you in terms of your testing then I would personally add a premium to the value of any local purchase because of the lowered risk and greater accuracy of testing the same mattress as you end up buying. It’s difficult for me to make any more comments about this one though because I don’t know the details of all the layers in the mattress (outside of it appears to have an high quality offset coil with Talalay on both sides and is flippable which is a durability and value bonus).

The bottom line is that you have narrowed down your options to choices between “good and good” and there are no “bad” choices left. At this point, your own personal value equation (and filling in some of the information gaps) and the objective, subjective, and intangible differences between each mattress and the benefits of dealing with each outlet along with your confidence that your choice will 'match" your needs and preferences becomes the most important factor rather than typical “better worse” choices. No matter which of these you choose … you will have a good quality and value mattress.


PS: in response to Rockindaddys comments which I just saw. I would bear in mind that all higher density memory foam mattresses have an initial breakin period that will affect the firmness and feeling of the mattress. The Tempurpedic Rhapsody is the same and with a new mattress that uses higher density foam it will take up to 90 days or so (and some people even recommend walking on their Tempurpedic to speed up the break in period) to reach it’s more long term level of softness. How it compares to any specific Rhapsody would depend on how old each mattress is and how much of the breakin period has been completed with floor models in particular. The worst case of course is that the mattress has to be returned or exchanged (which is a free process because they pay for shipping) but I wanted to add this as a factor to consider. A memory foam mattress that takes a while to soften is usually a side effect of higher density foam and is much better than the other way around where a mattress becomes too soft much too quickly.

Rockindaddy, thanks for the quick reply. I’ve read your thread about the Regalis. How is the break in period going? It seems that yours is taking a little longer than expected. I will try the Grand bed per your suggestion. I will have the added entertainment of watching my wife’s face when she looks at the price tag! Did you ever receive ypur pillow protectors? I feel that you can tell a lot about a company by how they handle the smaller details. Again, thank you for your earlier review and current feedback.

Wow! This is a fast site! I was just responding to Rockindaddy when I got your response, Phoenix.

My preference is for a foam mattress ever since I stayed at a Marriot this summer. They use a Jamison bed, which was nice, but didn’t make my short list.

My wife isn’t sure about the whole foam thing OR purchasing a mattress sight unseen over the internet.As you may guess, her opinion counts for a lot in this decision.

I saw United and Holland here, but my wife found them a few years ago when we needed a 3/4 mattress for the bed my daughter uses. We’ve been very pleased with it.

The kids go back to school on Tuesday, so we can BOTH go and compare together.

Thank you for a quick response and for such a supportive community which you’ve built here.

Hi Texasred,

The store that I just went to recently to test the Tempurpedic’s has only been open about 3-4 months now. I don’t know if their displays are as new as the store or not. That could make a difference as Phoenix suggested above. The break in seems to be going a little slow, but I don’t know if winter has anything to do with that or not. When we first got it, it felt like we were sleeping on the floor. We have definitely gotten more used to it now. The company seems to respond better when you call them instead of emailing. As for the pillow protectors, I gave up after a few trys. I ultimately didn’t feel that they were that important.

The kids went back to school. so I was able to take the Boss out to test mattresses. She did NOT care for the sinking in feeling of memory foam. She also did not care for the livliness of the innerspring mattresses. However, just like Goldilocks, we found one that was JUST RIGHT. We went with the Dream Machine 7000 from United and Holland mattress company. It is 8 inches of medium firm talalay latex atop a 2 inch base. She thought it was cool that she got to pick the color of the fabrics and piping. It is being built and will be delivered on Friday! Thanks all!

Hi Texasred,

FWIW … in my family I’m not the “mattress buying boss” either :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new mattress. It seems to me that you made a great choice … and it’s always good to see another purchase from a local manufacturer that really cares about the quality and value of the mattresses they build!


Today was the day, and just as scheduled, our mattress arrived. It’s pretty cool that we ordered it on Tuesday, and that they could build and deliver it in just 3 days. We had a window of 1:30 to 2:00. They called at 1:15 to see if we were ready. They arrived ad 1:40, set up the new and hauled out the old. They were gone by 2:00. Having waited several hours for other things, only to be called at the end to schedule another day, I really appreciate this level of courtesy and service.

The mattress itself is HEAVY! My wife claims that she can smell it, but I don’t notice anything. It seems a little firmer to me than the one in the showroom, but I figure it will break in. I will sleep on it awhile and report back.

Anyone looking for a new mattress around Denton, TX should swing by United and Holland mattress company. They are just off the square downtown.