Independent/Local Mattress Stores in Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads Area


This is a great website - thanks for all of your work and research, and for sharing it with others.

I read your guides about looking for mattresses and avoiding brands like Serta and Simmons. Do you have any recommendations for reputable mattress places in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area?

I searched this forum and found info about CozyPure, but they are above my price range (my price range: can’t spend more than a grand) and I live alone, so I don’t think I can handle a heavy latex mattress on my own.

I also found a place called the “Original Mattress Factory,” but I can’t find any reviews on the one in Norfolk.

Thanks for your help!

Hi DJConnor,

Some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Norfolk area are listed in post #2 here.

All of the OMF stores carry the same mattresses and they all have access to the information you would need about the materials in their mattresses to make informed choices and meaningful comparisons so which store you visit wouldn’t really matter much. Reviews about any specific mattress also aren’t very meaningful or nearly as important as knowing the specifics of what’s inside it (see post #13 here about reviews).