Independent manufacturer distributors in Birmingham, AL?

i live in Birmingham AL
I am wondering if you are aware of a store that features local/regional mattresses like you often recommend in other locations? When I head out to various mattress stores here it seems like they all serve up Sealy, Serta, Stearnes and Tempurpedic.

Thanks for any advice.

I to live in Birmingham area and also have been looking for a new mattress. The only one that I have found that actually manufactured mattresses, so far, was Royal Bedding on Pelham Parkway. Further down Pelham Parkway, Ensley-Fairfield Mattress Co, has a few custom ordered inner springs. But they have them made elsewhere, not manufactured on site. Neither location carries any of the big boy brands. Both also carry a line of latex mattress, though don’t expect a massive selection, small shops. I honestly thought I was going to have to drive to Atlanta to see a latex mattress.

Hope this helps.

Hi uniden009,

Post #57 here has the better choices I’m aware of in the Birmingham area and ProHazard has already mentioned two of them (thanks!)

Out of these … my first choice would be Royal bedding and I have talked with Tom the owner many times and think highly of the quality and value of the mattresses he builds he builds. I also had the chance to talk with him on several occasions when he was developing the latex mattress he makes and it’s designed to appeal to a wide range of body types and sleeping styles and it has the added benefit of being two sided. As I’ve mentioned a few times on the forum … he calls it “delicious” :).

While your choices may be fewer in number than other areas … you certainly have some better choices and not as much to “sort through” and of course you would also be avoiding the lower quality/value of the major brands that are so common in the area.