Inexpensive good quality

I am looking for a list of places to check out for inexpensive yet good quality memory foam and latex mattresses. I just spent an entire day trying out mattresses in St Cloud, MN only to find all of them to be considered “poor” quality by most people! I am looking for a good support, yet “cloud-like” sensation. I weigh 145lbs and am a side and back sleeper. My husband is 235 and is an every-way sleeper. We both have back problems as well as circulation problems. We loved out double sided pillowtop from Happy Sleeper but it is obsolete. It was only $500 and lasted us 15 years! We are thinking about going away from springs…trying to decide between memory foam and latex. I have been reading online for weeks, looked in stores several times and am more confused than ever. Someone help me please. I cannot go on sleeping in the sad sink-hole we now have. Thank you for any responses.