Infant Bassinet Mattress Foam Choice

I’m expecting my first baby this winter and was given a bassinet for the baby to sleep in for the first 4 to 6 months while we are still in a small apartment. The bassinet came with a poor 1" foam (can’t really tell what kind of foam, but looks like what you’d buy at a craft store) mattress that doesn’t fit properly in the bassinet, and leaves a gap between the mattress and the slats. I think it’s unsafe, but the manufacturer doesn’t seem to be willing to fix the problem, so I’m trying to make a new mattress that has a tighter fit for my own peace of mind.

I’m trying to find a source for foam that will be a good choice for a 0-6 month old. I’ve had a hard time deciphering what type of foam would be safe to buy but reasonably priced, and also finding a source for a piece of foam that’s around the right size (min. 19" x 29", probably 2" or less so it doesn’t get too near the top rail). My main concerns are about off gassing. It sounds like 100% latex might be the best choice from my research but I’m still not sure since it needs to be quite firm. I’m planning to cut the foam myself since the bassinet is an irregular size, and will sew a waterproof mattress pad for it.

Any recommendations on types of foam to consider as well as sources for smaller pieces would be much appreciated!

This is a link to the bassinet.

Hi alb,

If I was in your shoes … I would probably go with 100% natural Dunlop or Talalay latex in a medium range of firmness. A good cover is important with latex both for waterproofing and to protect the latex from breaking down from exposure to ultraviolet light and ozone.

The other choice I would consider is wool but latex would be simpler to cut and cover to the right size and shape.

I would tend to avoid memory foam or polyfoam for an infant.

Post #4 here has some good sources for latex and I would ask them if they can ship you a piece that is an odd size or a scrap that you could cut rather than a twin size which is usually the smallest they offer.