Info on Dreamfoam mattress on Amazon

Greetings… Excellent website and forum. I’ve been trying to get ahold of the Dreamfoam company that
are talked about on this website. I thought they were part of the “Underground Membership” but do not see them
on the list. I would like to call (Chuck) or one of the company representatives to get more detailed information before
I possibly order from them. Does anyone know their phone# or do they have a website? I’ve search this forum but
can’t find any details on that.

Some of my questions are:

  • Do their latex mattresses contain any chemicals or fire retardants?
  • Can you get different firmness on each side of bed?


Well… I guess I will answer some of my own questions. I ended up finding their phone # after digginig into their Amazon profile…It’s: 877-955-5503 encase anyone wants to know. I also see that they are called “Brooklyn Bedding” and do exist on the Underground Member list.


Hi creosote7,

As you pointed out … Dreamfoam is their Amazon name and Brooklyn Bedding is their manufacturer’s name.

The Amazon site does make finding the merchant’s phone numbers difficult. It’s been listed several times on the forum (and it’s a good idea to talk with them before buying to make your firmness selection) but forum posts can get buried fairly quickly.

The “connection” to Brooklyn Bedding is listed in the membership list here(in the link) as well as the list of members who sell online in post #21 here. I added “Dreamfoam” to their name in the membership list to make the link a little more apparent … thanks for bringing it up.

Yes to the first question. All mattresses sold today require a fire retardant barrier in order to pass the fire regulations (unless you have a prescription). Two of their mattresses use wool as the fire retardant barrier and they will provide you with a link to the manufacturer of the fire barrier they use on request for the ones that don’t. Of course all polyfoam is manufactured with chemicals (the two main ones are isocyantes and polyols but there are many others) but most people would consider these to be “safe” if they are made by an American foam manufacturer (which their’s are) or are CertiPur certified.

You can order split firmness levels in king size on their Eurotop option here (which also have the option of a layer exchange) and on their total latex mattress here but not on the Ultra plush models.

If you do order from them … make sure you give them your username here before you purchase so that they will send you the free shredded latex pillow as your member bonus.



Thanks for all the information you help to gather here, it’s made researching what to buy and what to avoid a great deal less cumbersome. On that note, do you know how Dreamfoam/Brooklyn Bedding prefer a MU user to mention our forum membership here? An Amazon purchase doesn’t usually have a note field, so would it just be down to messaging them after a purchase through the Amazon contact information?

Hi MrSleepy,

After you order … they will send you an email asking for your comfort preference and you can either let them know when you reply or you can call them to discuss your comfort preference before or after an order and let them know then.

Their phone number is at the bottom of their Amazon details page here (877-955-5503).


The information here and in other parts of the forum helped me decide to order one of these. I am negotiating the details now, hopefully I can report back with my findings. Thanks for the forum and all the quality information!

Hi JeremyL,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback.


Hello Mattress Underground Forum/ Pheonix,

I see that you are very knowledgable in the area of mattressess and have fantasic reviews. So I am hoping you can assist with my question regarding a bed purchase. So here goes.

I am interested in a memory foam or latex mattress. I went and tried out the tempurpedic simplicity and countour, and the iComfort Insight and Genius. I found them both too firm for my preference, but this was on the sales floor. So what I started looking for is a latex or memory foam king that is about $1,200 or less. I would like something softer than those listed above but of course supportive. I am also looking for good quality foam (4lb density or above thanks to your information or a good mix of latex).

What I found and am very interested in is the Ultimate Dream Latex King size plush.

So I ask what do you think of this in terms of quality and value. Also if you have any other suggestions for me as I live in the Minneapolis area in Minnesota.

Please advise. Thanks for your help!!!

I wish I had found this months ago when I started my mattress research. Thank you Phoenix and others for all the work you do in research and compiling all your data! I love the perks you offer for us consumers as well. Excited about a free pillow!

Hi msturg29,

Dreamfoam (AKA Brooklyn Bedding) is a member of this site which means that I believe they are among the best quality/value in the country.

This is a latex hybrid mattress (with 1.5" of quilting polyfoam and 3" of latex in the comfort layer) so the feel will be quite different from the memory foam mattresses you have been testing. Latex is a “fast response” foam while the memory foam mattresses you have been testing have more of a “slow response”. You will be able to choose the firmness level of the latex but it may be a good idea to test some mattresses with latex in the comfort layers just to make sure you are comfortable with the different feel and performance of latex vs memory foam.

Some of the better options or possibilities in the Minneapolis area are listed in post #2 here.

Hope this helps.


Hi Seraphicsiren,

Thanks for the kind words … and congratulations on your new mattress (and free pillow) :slight_smile:

I’m glad the site could help you and I hope you have the chance to share your feedback when you’ve received your new mattress.


I would be happy to tell others about The Mattress Underground in my Amazon review as well as the bonus offer if you’d like but then you’d have an influx of members signing up simply for discounts/perks. Do you want me to do that or should I leave the discount part off?

So can anyone tell me if they recommend this set if I am looking for a softer feel, perhaps something close to the higher end tempupedic cloud? I would probably chose a 4 or 5 firmness. Would that be equivalent? Or is latex simply always firm and I cannot get the softer “cloud” feel I am looking for?


I too went ahead and ordered the ultimate dreams mattress after months of procrastinating on purchasing a mattress. My wife and I are currently in discussion with chuck on a firmness level. Can anyone here whose purchased chimed in on the levels they chose. I prefer a firmer mattress but am scared that the level recommended will be to hard. We were thinking of a 4 or 5. However ny wife prefers a softer touch, but im worried it will be too soft to the point where were sinking in.

Hi seraphicsiren,

There are some reviews there that already mention TMU but I’ll leave it up to you whether to mention the bonus offer (it costs Dreamfoam a free pillow if they register and post here). Being a “free speech” advocate … I usually try to avoid suggesting what people write.

FWIW though if people come here to validate the quality and value and not just to get a “free pillow” it may help Dreamfoam keep their prices down and then if they do come here … they would also find out about the “bonus” as a “side effect” rather than that being their primary reason.

Either way though … I’m fine with it :slight_smile:


Hi msturg29,

Latex comes in many levels of firmness from very soft to very firm but all types of latex will feel very different from memory foam and you are really making an apples to oranges comparison no matter how soft or firm the latex may be. Their 13" gel memory memory foam mattress is similar to the Temmpurpedic Cloud Lux (just a little firmer they say) but latex in either soft or firm is a completely different animal.

All latex has its own “feel” compared to memory foam even though there are many variations of latex just like there are many different types and variations of memory foam. It would be well worth while testing latex to see if you are comfortable its very different response from memory foam. It would be closer to polyfoam (which also comes in a wide range of firmness levels) which is also a fast response foam.

In spite of this … it may be worth calling them because they will have a much better idea of how close their softest latex option would feel to one of the Cloud models or be able to give you some of their customer’s feedback. Probably the closest “translation” in latex though would be the softest version they have (which I believe is 19 ILD) but they would be in a better position to talk to you more about any similarities.


Hi Almbriano,

I would be very careful about possibly confusing the issue by going by what anyone else considers to be soft or firm because each person’s experience and perceptions can be very very different from your own.

Even searching through this forum you will find that one person’s “way too soft” is another person’s “way too firm” on the same mattress.

I personally would stick with your discussions with Chuck (who will tell you what people of your body type and sleeping style would tend to do best with “on average”) and use this in combination with any local testing you have done with latex or other mattresses where you know how relatively firm they are (you probably know if you prefer a little firmer than average or a little softer than average for example). If you are in any doubt I would go with slightly firmer over slightly softer. This is because you can always make a mattress that is too firm a little softer (with a mattress pad or topper) but it’s very difficult to make a mattress that is too firm any softer and if it’s too soft … then there is little you can do.


Am I understanding correctly that the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop has the ability to change out the top layer to increase or decrease firmness? Is this what is being referenced when the description states, “If you purchase our mattress and are not satisfied with the comfort level, we will allow you to exchange the density of the latex for a small fee.”

I just wanted to get a little more insight from someone that has replaced this top layer since “small fee” can mean different things to different folks…

Am I understanding correctly that the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop has the ability to change out the top layer to increase or decrease firmness? Is this what is being referenced when the description states, “If you purchase our mattress and are not satisfied with the comfort level, we will allow you to exchange the density of the latex for a small fee.”

I just wanted to get a little more insight from someone that has replaced this top layer since “small fee” can mean different things to different folks…
[/quote]“small fee” is defined here

We ordered the ultimate dreams eurotop king mattress after weeks of research here and on Amazon. My wife and I are currently in discussion with Chuck on a split firmness on the eurotop layer. Thanks to Phoenix and all of the rest here for the infomative discussions! We will post after a few weeks to let you know our experiences.