Informal 25 year Mattress Tester came up with a surprise winner! Lesson Learned!


In the Midnight Hour… (Had to get that in because of my Billy Idol moniker!!!)

Ive been informally testing mattresses for 25 years. I started to develop some rules and theories. And finally shared a final choice.

1-I don’t believed in pillowtops or double pillow tops. They only cave in and create body impressions. It was the big thing in the 1990s to have a double pilowtop!
2-Just because a mattress feels good in the store, doesn’t mean it will feel good at home. Sometimes “feels good” turns into back ache. I don’t trust inner spring mattresses at all. I can’t tell which will be comfortable at home.
3-Don’t listen to anyone’s reviews. They are basically meaningless because they are not you. Only take data on how you feel about a bed on your body. I would take guidance from Trusted Members though.
4-The same model bed in a different store may feel somewhat different (especially with Tempurpedic) because you do not know how old the sample mattress is.
5-When testing mattresses, if possible, test them all on the same day. Our memory of mattress fades so quickly. The best is back to back laying down on mattress sessions, but that is not always possible.
6-Buying a mattress is one of vexing things to buy because every body is different and feel is subjective. I’d listen to the TMU Mattress Tutorial.
7-Make a few trips to mattress stores. Beds can feel different because of temperature and your body maybe fresh or tired. Take your time. You will be locked into this mattress for 10-15 years!!! Take a few extra days to decide.

I bought a Tempurpedic Deluxe bed around 2002 ish (not sure the exact year). That mattress was magical. I remember that Brookstone also had their own Tempurpedic mattress, but I bought the Tempur one. I still have it, but now it is giving me backpain. Im a back sleeper (90%) and side(10%) and 5 ft 11in and 225 pounds. In 2020, I bought a Purple 4, big mistake for me. At my weight, it was killing my back. I started to realize the importance of adjustability in firmness.

Last 6 weeks, I checked out Intellibed Starlight and Matrix Supreme. They felt good, but there is no adjustability and I dont trust it because it is like Purple 4. I was really fascinated by the Intelilbed because of a Ben Greenfield youtube video when he throws a kettle bell on the beds. I won’t get Intellibed…too risky.

I tried a few beds at Nest Bedding. I thought I liked the Finch Latex. Then I tried a few other mattresses for 30 min and came back to the Finch and now it felt different. I don’t think I will get it.

Im on the verge of buying either a Tempurpedic Luxe Adapt Firm or LuxeBreeze Firm. I will probably get Luxe Adapt Firm!!! I know its big box, but its to die for!! Amazing mattress!!

The only other contender that I see is the Flobed Vzone because your can adjust layers and the the Vzone.

Im torn between Tempur LuxeAdapt Firm and Vzone.

I think I might buy Vzone and if I don’t like it, return it

Let me know your thoughts! Any other mattresses that I should try out.
Im in the Los Angeles area.
Thank you!