Information Overload - Need help picking one

Hi laplayasleeper,

A few comments that may help …

1. DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress - Firm (heard that they changed to 1.5 from 2.35lb not sure if this has reduced their quality?):

The Dreamfoam Ultra Plush mattress uses Talalay latex in the 3" comfort layer … has around an inch or so of polyfoam in the quilting which is compressed with the quilting (which increases durability and is within the guidelines I would consider acceptable). You can read their comments about the 1.5 lb base foam in post #4 here and for most people of average weight it may even be an improvement in terms of “feel”. It would only make any difference in terms of durability for someone that was quite heavy. In most cases the quality of the comfort layers are the weak link of the mattress and a latex/polyfoam hybrid with 3" of latex in the comfort layer that can also be customized at this price is very rare and very good value and the 1.5 lb base layer is very unlikely to be the weak link of the mattress.

2. LUCID by Linenspa 10" Latex Foam Mattress -
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I would want to know the type and blend of the latex, whether it has any certification, and the ILD or density as well so you have some idea of it’s firmness level, and relative quality and value compared to other latex/polyfoam hybrids. I would also want to know the density of the base foam given the comments in #3 below. They also don’t offer any comfort choices so there is a greater risk of making the wrong comfort choice and it can be fairly costly to return a mattress under Amazon’s large item return policy (as you can see here they generally cap the return costs in the range of 20% of the cost of the mattress). This has possibilities but is also a little risky in terms of making a suitable choice especially where there is only one comfort level available which of course would only be suitable for some percentage of people.

3. 14" LUCID® by Linenspa Cashmere Covered Firm 5.3lb Ventilated Triple-Layer Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress uses 3" of 3 lb memory foam in the comfort layers and doesn’t meet the criteria I use for memory foam mattresses and I would avoid it. Also based on shipping weight (which isn’t always listed correctly) and using it to calculate the weight of the memory foam layers it works out that the base layer is only 1.3 lb density which is lower than I would want to see … even in a “budget” mattress.

4. 14" LUCID® by Linenspa Cashmere Covered Plush Memory Foam Mattress Four-Layer Viscoelastic with Bamboo Charcoal Bed

I would want to know the density of all the memory foam layers and the base layers in this mattress none of which are listed. I would also check the density information if they provide it against the shipping weight because this mattress has 1" more memory foam which generally has a higher density and weighs more than polyfoam yet even though the mattress is the same height as #3 it only weighs 4 lbs more.

If you are able to find out the missing information you need to make an informed decision then post #2 here may help with making final decisions between the options that are left and of course your phone conversations with each of them would play a big role in this.

Hope this helps