Information Overload - Need help picking one

This is such an awesome site!!! So I spent hours reading through this forum and thankfully it has helped me narrow down the choices to the below mattresses. However there are so many variables about each aspect that I really need some help understanding which is a better buy. I am considering either of below mattresses. Honestly as long as it lasts 5 years and allows me to select a firm level (like a very firm mattress) I will be happy … so hopefully can get guidance on which is the better one to go with so I can pull the trigger (all are via Amazon). Thanks in advance to the experts in this community who take the anxiety out of buying a new mattress :slight_smile:

  1. DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress - Firm (heard that they changed to 1.5 from 2.35lb not sure if this has reduced their quality?)

  2. LUCID by Linenspa 10" Latex Foam Mattress -

  3. 14" LUCID® by Linenspa Cashmere Covered Firm 5.3lb Ventilated Triple-Layer Memory Foam Mattress

  4. 14" LUCID® by Linenspa Cashmere Covered Plush Memory Foam Mattress Four-Layer Viscoelastic with Bamboo Charcoal Bed

Have you tried out both latex and memory foam beds? They feel very different. I would recommend going to a store a laying on each one for awhile and seeing what type of mattress you like.

Thank you for the recommendation. Yes I did test out a few and preferred the latex version since had less of the sinking feeling. Hope that helps clarify.

Hi laplayasleeper,

A few comments that may help …

1. DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress - Firm (heard that they changed to 1.5 from 2.35lb not sure if this has reduced their quality?):

The Dreamfoam Ultra Plush mattress uses Talalay latex in the 3" comfort layer … has around an inch or so of polyfoam in the quilting which is compressed with the quilting (which increases durability and is within the guidelines I would consider acceptable). You can read their comments about the 1.5 lb base foam in post #4 here and for most people of average weight it may even be an improvement in terms of “feel”. It would only make any difference in terms of durability for someone that was quite heavy. In most cases the quality of the comfort layers are the weak link of the mattress and a latex/polyfoam hybrid with 3" of latex in the comfort layer that can also be customized at this price is very rare and very good value and the 1.5 lb base layer is very unlikely to be the weak link of the mattress.

2. LUCID by Linenspa 10" Latex Foam Mattress -
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I would want to know the type and blend of the latex, whether it has any certification, and the ILD or density as well so you have some idea of it’s firmness level, and relative quality and value compared to other latex/polyfoam hybrids. I would also want to know the density of the base foam given the comments in #3 below. They also don’t offer any comfort choices so there is a greater risk of making the wrong comfort choice and it can be fairly costly to return a mattress under Amazon’s large item return policy (as you can see here they generally cap the return costs in the range of 20% of the cost of the mattress). This has possibilities but is also a little risky in terms of making a suitable choice especially where there is only one comfort level available which of course would only be suitable for some percentage of people.

3. 14" LUCID® by Linenspa Cashmere Covered Firm 5.3lb Ventilated Triple-Layer Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress uses 3" of 3 lb memory foam in the comfort layers and doesn’t meet the criteria I use for memory foam mattresses and I would avoid it. Also based on shipping weight (which isn’t always listed correctly) and using it to calculate the weight of the memory foam layers it works out that the base layer is only 1.3 lb density which is lower than I would want to see … even in a “budget” mattress.

4. 14" LUCID® by Linenspa Cashmere Covered Plush Memory Foam Mattress Four-Layer Viscoelastic with Bamboo Charcoal Bed

I would want to know the density of all the memory foam layers and the base layers in this mattress none of which are listed. I would also check the density information if they provide it against the shipping weight because this mattress has 1" more memory foam which generally has a higher density and weighs more than polyfoam yet even though the mattress is the same height as #3 it only weighs 4 lbs more.

If you are able to find out the missing information you need to make an informed decision then post #2 here may help with making final decisions between the options that are left and of course your phone conversations with each of them would play a big role in this.

Hope this helps


Thank you Phoenix. You truly are the best!!! I have been reading the posts and guidance you have provided to many members on this forum. People sleep a well rested sleep because of you :slight_smile: It cannot be said enough how awesome you are with your help. Thanks!

Also I was wondering if the discount applies to Amazon orders as well? Does not seem like it but thought would ask.

Hi laplayasleeper,

They have a pillow bonus for their Dreamfoam Amazon mattresses (and a 5% discount on their Brooklyn Bedding mattresses) but the bonus only applies to Amazon orders that they fulfill and not Amazon orders that are fulfilled by Amazon.

The Amazon fulfilled orders have a slightly higher price but you can choose your shipping method and the mattresses are eligible for the Amazon large item return policy.


The Ultimate Dreams Latex and LUCID Latex were also mattresses I’ve been considering, but I’ve narrowed it down to the Ultimate Dreams thanks to this site. There’s such a wealth of information here between the forums and Phoenix. I’m so glad I found this site!

Now I just have to figure out whether to get a 5, 6, or 7 based on the feedback I got from Chuck.

Linenspa mattresses are made in China. That was a huge drawback for me.


Just as a general suggestion … if you are undecided between two close comfort choices I would tend to go a little firmer rather than softer because you can always soften a mattress that is too firm with a topper but you can’t make a mattress that is too soft any firmer unless you replace a layer.


Lots of info on this forum…still confused :slight_smile:
Wife is a back sleeper, sometimes a side sleeper.
I wander from front to back to side.
Currently sleep in an old dual bladders that sit in a foam support and have a pillow top that
zips over whole thing.
Have looked at lots of mattresses and come up with the following list that we seem drawn to:
Serta Triumph hybrid.
Sealy Majesty hybrid.
Sherwood Evo Conforma cool

All run about 2200.00 retail. (Would like to spend less).

Headed in right or wrong direction?


Hi tltb1,

There are really two ways to make a comfort choice when you are buying a mattress (see post #2 here).

The first way is with careful and objective testing of the actual mattress using the testing guidelines linked in post #1 here or in the case of an online purchase testing a local mattress that is functionally the same (see post #9 here).

If this isn’t possible because there are no suitable local mattresses with good quality and value or that an online manufacturer knows about which is functionally equivalent to their own mattresses … then the next best way is with a more extended phone call with a knowledgeable and experienced online retailer or manufacturer themselves who can provide the guidance that “on average” would work well for someone with your body type, sleeping style, and personal preferences. As long as you are inside these averages then the odds are high that you will make a suitable choice.

The third way is probably the worst which is trying to learn enough about all the different mattress specs and designs that you can make a choice based on “theory” without enough actual experience to “translate” theory into how a mattress will actually feel and perform for you when you sleep on it.

Since you are looking at local mattresses then personal testing is the best way to know whether a mattress is suitable for your needs and preferences.

The “read first post” I linked earlier links to a set of guidelines about what to look for and what to avoid and this would likely eliminate both of the Serta (because you won’t likely be able to find out what is in the mattress).

Your odds are much higher of being able to find out the details of all the layers in the Sherwood and the odds are that they are better quality/value in the same budget range.

You can test for PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) with a local mattress which will tell you whether a particular mattress is suitable for your specific needs and preferences and then the final step is to make sure you know all the details of the layers and components in the mattress so you can identify any weak links in the mattress and have reasonable confidence that the materials in the mattress won’t soften or break down too quickly so that the mattress will still be suitable for you several years down the road. You will also be able to make meaningful quality and value comparisons with other mattresses. You can’t “feel” the quality of a mattress but you can certainly identify any lower quality materials that you would want to avoid if you know the specifics of what is inside a mattress … regardless of what manufacturer’s name is on the label.


Goo morning Phoenix,
Thank you for your reply. We are in Phoenix…Would you recommend a local outfit or purchase online?
The mattresses we listed were ones we laid on and that felt good.
We were looking for your opinion of them (or any not on the list) to help us wade through the sea of information.
Thanks again!
tltb1 :slight_smile:

I found the ones listed on the membership list and will check them out. Thanks.

Hi tltb1,

The only way to give any meaningful opinions about the quality or value of a mattress or to identify any weak links is by knowing the specifics of all the layers and components in the mattress. Without this you would be making a completely blind purchase without aving any way to make an informed decision.

Of course if you can provide the details of all the layers (which the retailer should provide you) I’d be happy to share my thoughts about it but in most cases you won’t be able to find this out with the major brands which is why the guidelines suggest avoiding them completely in most cases.

The Phoenix list is in post #4 here but as you know from the membership list three of them are members here which means you are fortunate to have some local choices available to you that have exceptional quality/value :slight_smile:


Information Overload for sure …

I tried a mattress from Boston Bed Company and I’m looking for the most similar, less expensive option. This mattress had a very flat top. It did not have any stitched top foam or fiber layer. Specs as follows:

2" 28 ILD Talalay comfort layer
6" 1823 Poly Foam Core
1" 1835 Support Foam

Similar options I am considering:


@ level 5 (cushion firm, unknown ILD)

1.5" ‘Hyper foam’
3" Talalay latex
6" 1.5lb density base foam

    ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint:

@ ILD 28 (level 6)

1" ‘Soft reflex foam’
3" 28 ILD talalay latex
6" ‘HD foam core’

Which of these mattresses do you think would provide the most similar feel or is most similar in construction? I am concerned about the 1.5" foam layer in the DreamFoam mattress. Could that be compensated for by going a level firmer, or would that be too much compensation?

Thanks for any advice!

  • Nicholas

Hi nrharrison,

The mattress from Boston Bed Company has a thinner layer of latex on top (which would make it firmer), no quilting polyfoam (which would make is softer), and softer foam in the base foam below (which would make it softer) so it’s really not possible to guess how all the many differences would play out and interact together or how close one may be to another for any particular person. They are all very different designs that would be different both in terms of the comfort layers and the support layers and the comparison would also change for different people with different body types and sleeping positions because each person may sink into each mattress more or less deeply which would affect which layers they feel most.

The only truly accurate way to know how they would compare to you would be your own experience with side by side testing. Other than that if you talk with Brooklyn Bedding / Dreamfoam they are the most familiar with their mattresses and may be able to make an educated guess about which of their options might come closest … at least for most people … but these kind of subjective comparisons where you are trying to “match” one mattress to another (see post #9 here) involve some “translation” and guesswork between very different designs and would be an approximation at best.


:huh: I really need a new mattress. Still sleeping on the 15y old king size beauty rest innerspring no flip pillowtop mattress (with springs now popping out of the sides) that outlasted my marriage, but my shoulders hurt so bad, I’ve been forced to sleep on my back with a vertical small foam pillow on top of another horizontal foam pillow with 2 smaller pillows under my arms. Needless to say, it’s not working well as I need to sleep on my side. Since it’s just me and the dog, I’m only sleeping on 1 side of the bed; I really need to do something for me. Def don’t need king. Seriously thinking of a twin XL for me (and a cheap twin for the dog from Bob’s). I’ve been reading, reading, and reading some more which just adds to my confusion. :unsure: My budget is limited to $1200 for bed/foundation/frame. I am in Springfield, MA (nowhere near Boston). Suggestions for what I should consider to help me find the bed that is going to last me at least as long as this one has would be really appreciated. I am overweight about 40 lbs, and I’m seeing that I should take that into consideration with my new mattress along w the budget restraints. Additionally, I do not have anyone to go with me to check out my spinal alignment so how best to judge this by my lonesome?

Also suggestions for where I can go to test drive whether it be latex, foam, combo, innerspring, etc. would be appreciated. Customer service, sleep trial, no issues w returns/exchanges is important to me. I don’t have credit cards so I will be paying cash. I bought this bed from Better Bedding (great experience-had to return 1st purchase as it hurt my back-no issues) which was was taken over by Sleepy’s. Tom Wholley who used to own Better Bedding now has 2 shops in CT, Connecticut Mattress. S. Windor, CT is a bit of a drive; if someone has had experience with him and his place, please chime in. A drive under 1/2-3/4 hr isn’t out of the question.

Thank you so much in advance. I look forward to your advice as my head is spinning.

Hi furkidzmom,

Hopefully you’ve read this already but just in case … post #1 here has the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed or confused … you are probably reading too much or trying to “study” the information instead of just reading it like you would good book. All you need is enough information and familiarity to know the basics and to help you recognize when you are dealing with a salesperson who knows what they are talking about. Finding an “expert” is much easier than becoming one :slight_smile:

Some of the better options I’m aware of in and around the Springfield area are listed in post #4 here.

You can see a few comments about Tom Wholley and ctmattress here and a couple more with a forum search on ctmattress (you can just click this).


Thank you so much. You found for me what I had been searching for and got overwhelmed. You are so right about “reading” as I tend to “study” (comes with the legal beagle in me) information. I have printed out your suggestions and will review them a bit more, but try to refrain from studying. I am aware of Yankee Mattress, but have several friends who have steered me away from them because they have had bad experiences (from customer service issues to mattress problems.) I had not heard of Sigma, which is very close to me. I found this on their website: but like the name implies it’s like reading “Greek.” Their website says they use a company named MEK furniture for these mattresses. Are you familiar with MEK? I should have also mentioned I sleep “hot” and have read that memory foam is not the best choice for “hot” sleepers. What is your take on the gel infused for ppl like me? What is your opinion, if you can make 1, based upon the info on Sigma’s website about their foam mattresses? [I am also hoping for a delivery/removal service as I don’t have access to a truck or anyplace to toss the king mattress/box spring.]

Flybynight is another local where I will go test drive; his prices tend to be high (Northampton overall is pricey).

Thank you. (Now I just need to find the time to do this).