Inner Spring Latex Mattess

Hi well, I am in the market for a new mattress and stumbled across this teriffic site! I have reached out some of the local mattress manufacturers listed on this site for my area as I was interested in getting a Memory foam with latex core mattress.

One of the manufacturers I spoke with recommended that I go with inner spring core 3 inch latex top mattress.

He suggested this setup as he felt that with the price of latex it is a waste to go with latex core as an 850 coil with a couple inches of latex would feel the same if not better than a full latex core at a significantly lower cost.

Anyone have any thoughts on his suggestion?

Hi Reza,

The choice between a high quality innerspring and a latex core would really boil down to personal preference … assuming that both provide the PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Preferences) that meet what you need and prefer.

They is certainly a difference in feel and response between the two and how they interact with each person although both would be durable components. There are some who love the unique feel of all latex and would never go back to an innerspring again. There are others who are not as comfortable on an all latex mattress and the different properties of an innerspring support core suits them better. In the end this is more a choice that each person would need to make individually and IMO is not a matter of better or worse. Part of this choice of course is based on budget because innersprings are generally lower cost than a latex core.

It’s also true that latex has had more than it’s share of recent price increases but polyfoam and innersprings have also increased in the same period.

There is a wide range of different types of latex cores and an even wider range of different types of innersprings but in general the different versions of two groups share certain qualities and the difference between them is quite noticeable for most people.

The basic rule is that if YOU can tell the difference and the amount of difference or the different properties of how each interacts with you (and any other person who will be using it) justifies the higher priced choice … then I would certainly choose the one that suited you the best in terms of both performance and price. I would try to test each one and if you are like most people … even though both could make a great choice … you will certainly notice a difference between them.

Many manufacturers will be more comfortable or familiar with one or the other and in most cases will genuinely be sharing what they believe is in the best interests of their customers, but in the end … your own body and individual preferences should be the basis for your final choices.


Thank you so much for the reply Phoenix.

Unfortunately the manufacturer that I am speaking with does not have mattresses pre assembled with latex for me to try out so I would basically be going off off the latex samples he has.

I am in South Florida so I will try some other manufacturers too. The manufacturer I was speaking with typically makes the promotional or low budget mattresses but can also make latex memory foam mattresses too.

His work is really nice as I purchased a twin coil mattress for my son, and his pricing is about 20% less then other manufacturers in the area but the downside is that limited selection in his show room.

I guess I should really check with the other manufacturers that have a larger selection in their show room so I can feel the difference between the mattresses.

Thanks again for your help!

Hi Reza,

I think this would be a great idea and you will certainly feel better about your choices no matter which direction you go when you have experienced the differences yourself.

Our bodies and sensitivities (like everything else about us) are unique and while there are certainly general ideas that may have some truth to them “in theory” … there are always enough exceptions and other viewpoints that our own personal experience … with some helpful guidance and basic knowledge … is always the way to make the best decisions for any “unique” person :slight_smile: