Innerspring from Coyuchi made by Naturepedic

I recently received an update from Coyuchi about a mattress that they have added to their product line. At the moment this is in the forefront of my brain. I know that Naturepedic is a fine company and I know that Coyuchi is a fine company, so what am I worried about?
Can’t test it!
That being said, there are variations offered and I’m thinking that I need coils instead of the constant return pressure that I get from an all latex mattress. There is a full write up of course. Short list details are as follows:

Cushion Firm (our most popular option)
Standard firm core + soft latex comfort layer

Latex-Free Cushion Firm (best for latex-sensitive customers )
Standard firm core + soft micro-coil comfort layer

Standard firm core + medium latex comfort layer

Oh Phoenix - have you any comment? Any suggestion as to where in the Puget Sound I can find something similar?
I know that there is much debate about the actual need for organics, but for me any and all chemicals are subject to personal discomfort/issues. As clean as I can get it is the way I have to go - I didn’t ask for it, but it is what it is.
I have tested some local manufacturers coil mattresses and they were comfortable, but the content is highly questionable.
I do know that Bedrooms and More carry OMI, otherwise I can’t find a thing that is comparable to try.

Hi SallyS,

The mattress you are looking at looks like a privately labeled version of the Naturepedic EOS standard. It uses high quality, durable, and “safe” materials and components and there are no weak links in the design.

Naturepedic has a retail finder on their site that you can use to search for other retailers in your area that carry them.

Other than that it would be a matter of looking at websites or talking to local retailers on the list here to find out if they carry mattresses that use similar components (pocket coil/latex hybrids or a pocket coil with a microcoil comfort layer). I would keep in mind that other mattresses that use similar components can be very different in terms of PPP and how they will feel to you.

There are some innerspring/latex options listed in post #2 here.

Pocket coil mattresses that use a microcoil comfort layer are a little more difficult to find but Berkeley Ergonomics makes a mattress with similar components as well.