Innerspring vs. foam

Im at the beginning stages of the five steps to our perfect mattress. My wife has fallen in love with the icomfort prodigy and I have fallen in love with a bed I slept on while out of town. It is an innerspring (pocket coil) mattress that I can’t find much information on. Any assistance is appreciated. The hotel said it is made by the Omaha Bedding Company…T446 luxery hotel line.

My wife wants an adjustable bed, and I don’t know if the T446 pocket coil bed works on an adjustable base. In reading information here, the innerspring mattress appears to be a valid option…I just can’t get information on the bed.

Is there any information you can provide on this manufacturer or this bed in particular?

If we end up going toward the icomfort style, It sounds like we can go with a more local dealer and get better quality for less price. Any recommendations for companies to deal with in the St. Louis area?

We seem very different in our step one results. I admit that I thought the icomfort felt nice and she wasn’t with me to sleep int he T446.

Any info/guidance is appreciated.


Hi cbreneman,

You may be able to call Omaha Bedding and ask them which if any of their retail mattresses may be similar and whether they may be available anywhere close to you. Pocket coils are usually OK on an adjustable but you should always check with a manufacturer because this isn’t always the case.

As you know from the guidelines and steps you are following … a mattress is only as good as the layers that are in it regardless of the manufacturer and I would make sure that you know these before considering it because no matter how comfortable or supportive a mattress may be … if the materials that produce the comfort and support are low quality then the "feel’ and performance of the mattress that you like won’t last very long and the loss of comfort and support isn’t covered by a warranty. Omaha bedding itself is a smaller independent manufacturer and when I talked with them they told me that foam density is not normally information they provide to their retailers but that it would “likely” be available if they were asked and talked with someone “higher up” so it’s not something they provide as a matter of course. They also are working closely with Paramount Bedding which is another independent manufacturer and they certainly fit the profile of a manufacturer that tends to have higher quality and value … but as always this depends on knowing the layering of any specific mattress you are looking at.

It certainly shouldn’t be difficult to find better quality/value than the iComforts. Some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the St Louis area are listed in post #6 here.

While I know better than to get involved in a “comfort conflict” :slight_smile: … there are so many options and combinations available that I’m sure that you will find a combination that will be great for both of you and it’s just a matter of testing mattresses together to find them. I would also suggest evaluating every mattress you test against a more objective set of criteria (such as here) rather than using one mattress as the “standard” to measure others against. I would make the “overall feel” just one of these criteria and not the main way to evaluate a mattress. In other words I would try to identify more objectively “why” you or she like a certain mattress which will make it easier and more effective to test other mattresses that have similar benefits.