Innersprings in pittsburgh

Hi, my wife and I are frustrated with our Matt. Search. We’ve been looking for weeks and layer on 30-40 mattresses. We’ve ruled out foam due to heat, softening issues I’ve red on this site.

We would like to get a good innerspring w latex comfort layer. We have been to OMF which is a mile from our home and we like the orthopedic models, however, they do not have any latex in the comfort layers. We liked the Serta iseries with the latex, but it is a major brand which the site says we will not get the best quality for the $.

We cant find any mftrs in the Pittsburgh area that we can actually go see,feel,try out.

Can you help?

Hi Michelle,

There is a step by step process in post #10 here which can significantly increase the odds of buying a good quality and value mattress. The first and most important step is to find the best outlets before you try to find the best mattress.

There are a few better options or possibilities in the Pittsburgh area that I’m aware of (I updated it this morning) and they are listed in post #2 here.

The iComfort is actually a memory foam mattress rather than a latex mattress although a couple of the models do have a thin layer of latex in them. Some of my thoughts about the lineup are in post #11 here. As you can see … they use some low quality materials and are not great value. There are many other better memory foam options. Some types of memory foam mattresses sleep cooler than others although memory foam as a category tends to be warmer than polyfoam or latex foam (the three main types of foam that are used in mattresses). There is more about how different manufacturers can cool down memory foam in post #6 here. How cool a mattress sleeps is always a combination of many factors … not least of which is the protector, sheets, and bedding that you use. Cool mattresses with “hot” bedding can still sleep hot.

If you call some of the outlets on the list and let them know in general what you are looking form … they will tell you if they have anything suitable for you to try before you take the time to visit them. I would tend to keep your options open rather than deciding ahead of time on the type of mattress that you may prefer and describe what you are looking for in terms of preferences instead of a specific type of mattress design (such as a latex innerspring hybrid). This way you may find that a mattress that you otherwise may not have considered is the one that works best for you and meets all your needs and preferences. For example a latex over polyfoam combination where you are sleeping on the latex may work just as well as a latex innerspring … or at least may be worth considering. Every “category” of mattresses has a wide range of different properties and “feels” available and there is a wide range of different quality in every type of material.

Hope this helps