Any experience with intellibed toppers or mattress? Thanks Tim.

Hi Tim … and welcome

Itellibed uses a material called buckling column gel in the comfort layer. More information about this material can be found here Mattress comfort layers - Buckling column gel - The Mattress Underground

There are several manufacturers that use variations of this material in their mattresses including Natura – NEXGEL and several others.

It is a newer material with a somewhat different feel. I would question the value of this material compared to various high quality pressure relieving foams (such as talalay latex or the better memory foams) however they may be worth considering as an option for those with more difficult pressure relief needs which may justify the higher price. It is also very durable although it has not been available long enough to know how long it will last in “real life”. Intellibed is among the more expensive of the buckling column gel mattresses.

Hope this helps