Hi all… I am Jack. I am new here in this forum so just looking forward to introduce myself. I am a businessman and dealing in furniture and mattress protectors.

Hi jackflaming,

A forum title search on “protect” or on “cover” (you can just click these) will bring up many posts on both mattress protectors and covers.

Since it appears that you deal with these on a daily basis … your own thoughts about the brands you carry (if indeed you do) may also be worthwhile.

I switched your post to your introduction thread to keep your posts together in a single thread so it wouldn’t switch the topic of another thread (and for now I would appreciate if you limited any posting to this thread). I would also ask that you keep any future posts to being more specific and directly on topic and not in the style of “meaningless comments” or what is known as trolling so that you avoid being banned in this forum as well. People who have been banned in other forums for spamming, trolling, or abusing their posting privileges only get one chance here before the same outcome happens once again.