Is it possible to build a plush soft mattress on top of the Kiwi or Pure Echo?

I bought the Natural Escape and find the zoning of the hips being very firm causes by back and hip to become misaligned resulting in alot of pain. Has anyone built a plush or soft mattress on top of the Kiwi or Pure Echo by adding comfort layers? Is this something that would work or is it doomed to fail since the base springs are firm? I think I need to stay away from any mattress where the hip area is firmer than the shoulder and leg area.

Have you ever built a mattress with the springs of the Natural Escape head and foot area throughout and not have the zoning in the middle for the hips? Is this possible?

We already have the plush topper coming for the Natural Escape as my husband finds it too firm also but we like the quality of the mattress and are afraid to do business with a fly by night company.

Hi Marshmallow. The topper will help soften the feel of the mattress. The zoning we do is very subtle and now with 5" of latex over the spring, it will be even more subtle.