Is the Aireloom Bay Preferred Amargosa Luxury Firm Mattress a good bed?

They are having a sale on this mattress at our local Bay Area chain (Mancini’s Sleepworld) and it seems like a comfortable bed when I tested it. Any thoughts on if this is a decent innerspring mattress? They are offering and extra $700 off a Cal King, so it would be $3,999. Aireloom Bay Preferred Amargosa Luxury Firm Mattress 14" for USD 2649.99

I looked on the Aireloom website but can’t tell which bed it is, maybe one of the Streamline models?

They also had an Aireloom at Macy’s that I liked (Aireloom Handmade Coppertech Silver Firm Luxe Top Mattress), but it is more expensive and I don’t know if it’s worth it.

I am a tall side sleeper (5’10", 150 lbs) so need back support but also a plush top. My husband is not picky and seems to like any mattress that works for me, he can sleep soundly no matter what.


The Aireloom you have there is the Aireloom Preferred Streamline Luxury Firm. The mattress is incredible….but go through the TMU mattress tutorial first! It is the best selling mattress of all the Airelooms! Lots of people like it, but it doesnt mean its for you!

The Macys mattress you have there is probably the Aireloom Preferred Luxetop M1 Firm. It is very similar to the Streamline Luxury Firm. M1 is a pillowtop with a bit more softness. SLF is slightly firmer. Which one do I like? M1 Firm. I classify M1 Firm and SLF as “hotel mattresses” because they appeal to a wide range of people. I felt that both were good for back and side sleepers.

FYI…I tested Aireloom alongside the super pricy VISpring….I like Aireloom better.

Dont buy an Aireloom from Macys. Aireloom cheapened materials and removed coils to hit a low price point. Most of the bad reviews are from Macys bought mattresses. Insist on the real boutique Aireloom Preferred. The real Aireloom does feel better and more supportive. The difference is real.

You can look up “Aireloom Mattress Reviews” on youtube. Richard has great prices and ships nationwide. Do I get a kickback…. Nope!

Let me know what you get!

I predict you will like M1 Luxetop Firm or M2 Luxetop Firm. Great for side sleepers! I like M1 because of the support for back sleepers and is also great for side sleeper. M2 might feel too poofy/cushiony for back sleepers, but try it out!


Hi The650life,

Just chiming in here…@BillyIdol is correct; Aireloom, which is considered a Premium Luxury brand (with price point to match!)
offers mattresses that are popular with many consumers…however, as is common with the big brands, they are not transparent with details on the materials and density in their non-latex foams, which makes it difficult to assess the durability and suitability for any sleeper. They also produce exclusive models for their partnership with stores like Macy’s, and modify their components to reach a lower price point. Caveat Emptor - Let The Buyer Beware would be relevant here! If you really enjoy the feel and don’t mind the higher price point - make sure you are aware of their return/exchange policy before you buy.

With your low BMI and your husbands’ adaptability to ‘any mattress’ you really have a lot of options out there - and many lower priced ones as well, which could be more durable as well as easier on the budget! Take some time to consider before taking the plunge - you’ll be (hopefully) living with a new mattress for many years, and you want it to be as comfortable and durable over time as possible!

~ Basilio

I will chime in with one additional consideration. Most if not all of the airelooms, (and I was ready to buy one myself at one point as it was really comfortable in the store) have hi density perimeter edge foams for edge support. For some this is a great thing, particularly if you want to put your shoes and socks on while sitting on the edge of the mattress in the morning or whenever you do that. It is also helpful with “roll off.” For me though, I had to pass. I am an edge of the mattress sleeper. I did not want to have part of my body sleeping on a hi density edge and part of my body sleeping on the main mattress sleeping area of a different feel. Also, most edge foam perimeter designs range from around 3-5" thick. That leaves the possibility you could lose up to 10" of sleeping real estate, effectively turning your king into a queen surface area. This may be a non issue for some, but it is a consideration when looking at any mattress that employs this type of edge, rather than edge to edge coil support. The other consideration is whether you believe the edge foam will last as long as a spring edge and and not soften up in too short a time. While this may have nothing to do with the quality of the specific materials a manufacture will use, it is just a different option that manufactures use.

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Hi batmannorm,

Thanks for this, it’s a feature most sleepers might not consider -
good point about the practical reduction of surface area for folks who are ‘edge sleepers’ like you (and myself!) that might affect a purchase decision!

~ Basilio

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Get the biggest bed you can. I like Cal King myself.

I know you are looking at the aireloom’s. I would take a look at what i would consider the British counterpart, no relations as far as ownership, but quality and styling that i think rivals aireloom or kluft.
The Millbrook Line. You have the Windsor and Hampshire lines. I would say similarly priced, edge to edge coil support, quality materials and beautifully designed and thought out mattresses, in the category you are contemplating. Like to hear your thoughts. That is not my review in the image, lol it just popped up. As i have a BB Plank Luxe and am super happy with it. But thought you might like the Millbrook as an alternative to what you were looking at.