Is the NXG 400 a good quality mattress?

I need a new mattress so I’ve been looking at different mattresses and trying different things out. I stumbled on to this site after searching through most of the retailers near me that carry the big name brands, so I will say that I haven’t really looked at lesser known brands yet.

That being said, is the NXG 400 a good quality mattress? I found some specs on it here:

but I really don’t know what most of those things are or whether or not they are good materials. As with most innerspring mattresses, this bed comes with a 20 year limited warranty: they will replace it within the first 10 years and then it is prorated after that. They only warranty more than an inch and a half of sagging, which seems to be the norm for innerspring mattresses. My current mattress is sagging a bit, but that’s because that was the first mattress I purchased for my apartment in university and I purchased a pillowtop. I think pillowtop mattresses have a tendency to sag, so I won’t be getting another one.

I realize the mattress is pricey, but that doesn’t really bother me that much if I know I am getting a good quality mattress that I can expect to last for at least 10 years. Does anyone have any experience with this mattress or know more about it? If I am going to pay that much for it, I really don’t want it to start sagging prematurely.

Hi ModusPwnens,

I would probably suggest reading post #1 here and the information it links to (particularly this article) before considering any major brand mattress.

The “so called” specs that you linked for the NXG don’t say anything about the specific quality of the materials they use … only the type, and every type of material has poor and good quality. You can spend endless hours trying to track down the real specs of major brand mattresses only to find it was a waste of time anyway because they either use lower quality materials or if they are some of the better ones then they are priced significantly higher than many other better quality mattresses made by smaller or independent manufacturers. Either way … they are poor value.

In the case of the specific mattress you mentioned … NXG memory foam is 3.5 lbs which is worse quality than I would personally consider and the polyfoam in the mattress is also low quality (usually 1.2 to 1.5 lbs). While I would consider a mattress that had about an inch of lower quality materials … this mattress has 4" of lower quality materials in the all important upper layers (which is the weak link of almost all mattresses) which is a recipe for foam softening, loss of comfort and support (which isn’t warranty covered) and a less durable mattress that you paid way too much for.

These are the exact types of mattresses that i would completely avoid.