Is there a difference between TEMPUR-Essential compares to TEMPUR-Adapt?

Does anyone have any thoughts/feedback on the TEMPUR-Essential? We were considering a TEMPUR-Adapt king in Medium but the TEMPUR-Essential price is enticing. Here is a link:

Hi MattressAboveGround.

I love your username.

I really went down the Tempur-pedic rabbit hole trying to find answers for you here, but they make it so very, very hard to get any sort of meaningful details about their mattresses that I came up with very little.

The cover on the all foam Tempur-Adapt cannot be removed and is described as being “memory foam over polyfoam” (unless you get the Pro Adapt, which is a hybrid with coils).
I think the materials used in the mattress covers may vary as well.

I couldn’t find anything about the Tempur-Essential outside of the Tempur-pedic website and extra vague description. Alternatively, I could not locate the Tempur-Adapt on their website to do a side by side comparison.

If you’re able to find any specifications about these mattresses, I’d be happy to look into and compare them for you. It’s possible/likely you’ll need to contact them or the retailer you interested in purchasing from directly to get more information on how these two mattresses differ.

I am sorry I could not be of more help. If you come across any additional information, please do share!