Is this a "bad mattress"

Went to Quality Sleep in the Chicago area. While not perfect, the mattress we found to be the most comfortable wasn’t that expensive and didn’t have very impressive specs compared to most of the specs people throw around on this site. Frankly, while I was prepared to pay more, we just didn’t like the feel of some of their more expensive ones that were all latex or had thicker latex layers. I have tried to figure out what the thicknesses really mean reading the various posts but am totally confused. The mattress we are considering is their MiComfort better. Unless I am reading the specs wrong, it is 7 inch base with 1.5 inch gel memory and 1 inch blended latex cover. This doesn’t seem like much. Does that mean the mattress won’t be durable, won’t be supportive, what does it mean??? What exactly is the “bad” part of buying a mattress with lesser specs. My wife and I are normal build, older, but no particular back or neck problems. We always had coil mattresses but our current one about five years old and fairly expensive is now lumpy and uncomfortable. Probably stupid question but would appreciate it if someone could help me out with whether this “cheaper” mattress we are looking at is bad

Hi richk2,

The most important part of deciding whether a mattress is “bad” or “good” for YOU is testing it for PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). No matter what the cost of a mattress or it’s design or even the quality of the materials … if it isn’t a good match for your body type and sleeping style then it would be “bad” for you even if it was “perfect” for someone else.

The next most important part of deciding whether a mattress is “bad” or “good” for YOU is looking at it’s construction and making sure that it has no obvious weak links in terms of the quality and durability of the materials. Again … no matter what the cost of a mattress or its design or suitability in terms of PPP … if the materials are low quality or there is a weak link in the mattress that would result in the mattress softening or breaking down too quickly relative to the price you paid then it would also have little value to you. A mattress that you pay $500 that only lasts a few years may be good value but a mattress that costs $3000 that only lasts a few years probably wouldn’t for most people no matter how good a match it may be initially in terms of PPP. Quality Sleep has staff that are “experts” in mattress materials and mattress design, have their customer’s best interests at heart, and would give you good information about the relative durability of each of their mattresses so you can have a reasonable expectation of the useful life of each of their mattresses. If you post the specifics of each layer and component of the mattress in he forum (it’s not on their site for the miComfort - Better) I’d certainly be happy to make some comments as well.

Other than testing the mattress for its suitability in terms of PPP and knowing the quality / durability of the construction and materials in the mattress so you (or better yet a knowledgeable retailer or manufacturer like quality sleep) can assess any potential weak links in the mattress … then all the other parts of a mattress purchase and how they compare to your other “finalists” and the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you would be the best way to decide whether a mattress purchase is “good value” for you.

Some mattresses may be more costly because they use more materials or higher quality materials but this doesn’t mean that the mattress would be more suitable or better value for you. Sometimes less is better and more materials (and the higher cost that goes with them) may mean a mattress that isn’t as suitable for your specific needs and preferences even though it’s a higher price. The price of a mattress is only one part of the value of a mattress purchase and may have little to do with whether the mattress is “better or worse” or the most suitable choice for you.

When you are dealing with a high quality manufacturer like Quality Sleep, you have the benefit of good guidance that comes from many years of knowledge and experience and you are dealing with a manufacturer competes well with the best in the country and that will put your own best interests and the word of mouth advertising that will generate above the profit they will earn on the sale of a mattress.


Thanks so much Phoenix for taking time to respond. Tag on bed said

7" #1.8 base
1.5" Gel Memory Foam
1" Blended Latex Cover

These specs seem relatively weak but mattress wasn’t terribly expensive (about a thousand for king). The mattress was maybe a touch softer than I wanted but close and saleswoman said they could add something in the middle to make it slightly firmer. There was another mattress about twice the cost with much more memory foam and latex but after trying it for awhile, I thought it was just too hard. They had more expensive all latex mattresses but I didn’t like the feel of any of them and I didn’t like the the all memory foams either (haven’t really like the tempurepedic mattresses we have tried either). We want an adjustable bed too so she discouraged looking at the coil beds. This particular mattress was on an adjustable frame and we tried a lot of positions and felt good about the bed but I have been wanting adjustable for awhile and I may have been mesmerized by that.
Anyway, we both decided we liked the mattress as good or better as anything else we tried, and the price was good and the adjustable frame price was good. But we haven’t had much luck with mattresses and just want some comfort level that this isn’t garbage (which you may be saying is by definition at the this particular store). I don’t care if it doesn’t last 10 years but our current mattress really didn’t last more than a year before it started being lumpy. I have read many posts on your site, am as confused as everyone and apparently there are no other places in Chicago area you recommend and this was only mattress at their store we liked even though it wasn’t perfect. So back to the issue, while we weren’t as analytic about trying it out like you suggest, my wife and I were subjectively happy with this mattress and I just want to know if it is dumb to buy something with these “lesser” specs and therefore whether to pull the trigger or keep looking.
Greatly appreciate your time

Hi richk2,

These specs aren’t “weak” at all so I’m not sure why you think so. The blended latex is a high quality material and the 1.8 lb base polyfoam layer is also a good quality material. The only layer that is unidentified in the specs you provided terms of quality/density is the middle gel memory foam layer so knowing the density of that layer would be helpful but even if it’s low density it’s only 1.5" thick so it’s not really thick enough to have a significant effect on the durability of the mattress.

While the specs are incomplete … the ones that are included all indicate good quality materials.


Thanks again Phoenix - I bought the mattress and the adjustable foundation today. Will report back on how it goes

Hi richk2,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

You certainly made a good quality and value choice from one of the better manufacturers in the country.

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it and have had the chance to sleep on it.