Is this a good deal?

Hi Phoenix! Like everyone else I’d like to say thanks for sharing all of your mattress knowledge. My head was spinning for a while but I feel like I’m getting the hang of what to look for now.

My husband is 6’2, 200lbs and a side/stomach sleeper and I am 5’6’', 140lbs and a side/back sleeper. I feel like I can sleep on almost anything but my husband complains of a sore shoulder after sleeping for awhile.

I’m looking at the Dry Creek Rd. Plush mattress (king size) carried by Sleep Nation in Centennial, CO. It has an 8" soyfoam layer (Bio-Flex) that has a density of 2.0-2.2. Next is a 2" Taladay “firmer” layer, then a 2" Taladay “softer” layer, topped with a 3" silk/wool blend “barrier” and a bamboo knit cover. I haven’t received the exact ILD for the Taladay layers from the salesperson yet but the mattress was very comfortable for the both of us. The price is $1899 which includes the foundation. The salesperson also has last year’s (new cover design is the only difference) model for $1,599. My question is is this a good value/fit for the two of us? I am concerned about durability and my husband’s shoulder issue. Thanks for your input!

P.S. The salesperson gave your web sight kudos!

Hi laurala,

When you are testing a mattress in person … then the ILD of the layers in not important to know because your body will be more accurate than “theory” and personal experience always “trumps” comfort specs. Of course it’s still important to know the layering and materials in terms of the quality and value of the mattress. The only thing that I would make sure of is that you have tested the mattress specifically for pressure relief and alignment for at least 15 minutes on the mattress while you were completely relaxed in a “pre sleep” state … and in all your normal sleeping positions.

The specs of this mattress would indicate good value to me … especially considering that it has a 3" layer of silk/wool which is more than most and is a more costly material. Is the silk blended as a batting with the wool or is it part of the fiber in the bamboo ticking material? Bear in mind as well that while wool and silk are resilient fibers, they will compress and firm up to some degree over time with layers this thick. It would certainly be very breathable and temperature regulating. I should also mention that I think highly of Sleep Nation after talking with Shawn there.

I would certainly go with last years model if the only difference is the $300 price and the cover design.

While your own personal testing in combination with their guidance would tell you much more than any “theory at a distance” … in terms of value I think it would make a good choice.


Thanks so much for your reply! I thought it was a good value but sometimes I need a little hand-holding when making such a big purchase! One more question - and I’ll ask Shawn this too - If/when the top layer compacts, can I put a topper on it to extend the life of the mattress? Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi laurala,

Natural fibers are quite different than low density foam in the top layers and they are much more durable. While they will compress to some degree under the heavier parts of your body … this isn’t a sign that they are wearing out (which it would be with foam) as much as part of what is “normal” for them. You can also even out the compression to some degree by rotating the mattress or sleeping in different areas of the mattress (so any compression will be more even). Even when they do compress they will maintain resiliency.

If it does become firmer than you are comfortable with then a topper would be an option yes because the materials under them would not be worn out.