is this a sound pillow idea ?

a shredded memory foam king size pillow:

inside a snugfleece king size pillow sham:

inside a king size silk cover:

am i making this too complicated ? i want shredded memory foam to have something reshapeable, soft and supportive, then i want the fleece cover because it is washable and will protect the memory foam plus it will even out the lumps hopefully and make the surface dryer, and then i want the silk cover to make sure the wool isn’t itchy.

no ? too insane ?

by the way i did some testing and i think i need a thick king size pillow for certain positions where it will act a bit like a body pillow, but for other positions i will have a smaller thin pillow, or even just a peanut or round cervical pillow. since i have a queen size bed all to myself i can have 2 or 3 pillows on the bed, and just grab whichever one fits my position when i need it.

Hi g1981c,

your design … much like pillow choices in general would be a preference choice and if it works for your personal needs and preferences in combination with the mattress you end up with then any pillow can be a “sound pillow idea”.

The only way to know is to put it together and then tell the forum how you feel about it and how it works for you. Only you can know when it comes to your own pillow choices and preferences.