Is this OK for a couple of nights?

I kind of asked this in my first post, but I wanted to get a clear answer to make sure I’m not goofing anything up.

Our sleepez 10000 mattress is in route to our house for delivery next week. We got our foundation yesterday! I will be out of town when the new mattress shows up, but in the mean time I would like to get things set up due to my travel schedule next week.

Is it OK to set up our new foundation and put our old pillow top mattress on it for a few nights? I’m not concerned with how the sleep/feel of the pillow top will be altered. It’s not possible for the sleep to get any worse LOL! I just want to make sure that it’s OK for the new foundation for 2-3 nights.

Hi Overcomer,

No … it wouldn’t be a problem for the foundation :slight_smile: