Issue with new latex mattress

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts about this – purchased a PLB latex mattress and immediately noticed the following issue. If I sleep on the edge of the mattress, rather than in the middle, my whole body tilts in towards the middle of the bed. In other words if I am lying on my back, my belly button is not pointed straight up towards the ceiling but points at a diagonal. If I move slightly towards the middle everything is fine. This happens even if my partner is not in the bed, and it happens on both ends of the bed. I am 115 lbs btw. We can’t just avoid sleeping on the ends of the bed since it is a queen and there are two of us. The mattress is on a foundation that was sold with it. Any thoughts on what might be causing this, and if it is fixable? The mattress is otherwise great, but for what we paid I am inclined to attempt return/exchange.

Does this happen if you put the mattress on the floor? I would try this to help to rule out the support system.

Hi crl2,

Just to “echo” Ely’s suggestion … my first “suspect” would also be the foundation and I would also suggest testing it on the floor.


Ooh, great idea! So we got out the level and here’s what we see:

Mattress on foundation on bed: edges are not level (bow in towards center) – even without someone laying on the mattress.

Foundation on floor: mostly level

Mattress on foundation on floor: edges are not level (same as when mattress & foundation are on bed)

Mattress on floor: edges are not level, although a little less noticeable

So looks like the mattress itself is the problem?

Hi crl2,

It seems so … but I would check one more thing which is to lie on the mattress when it is on the floor to see if the symptoms are duplicated. A mattress surface is not always exactly level and I would want to know how it performed under the weight of your body. Even though your unweighted testing seems to point to the mattress (which is a little surprising to me) … I would test it under weight just to confirm before calling the store you bought it.


Thank you Phoenix! Yes, I did lie on the mattress on the floor and did notice the uneven effect. It was about the same, maybe not quite as bad as with the foundation, but still definitely off. The mattress is firm and supportive anywhere you lie, it is just that you feel tilted towards the middle when you lie on the ends. Lying in the middle there is no problem, you are oriented straight up towards the ceiling. I read on my back every night before I go to sleep so that is why it is so noticeable to me.

Argh! I feel bad for the store, obviously they cannot resell a used mattress…but I have never encountered this problem before and I worry things could go even further downhill from here.

hi crl2,

That certainly is an odd problem. There are many mattresses that have firmer edges to prevent “rolloff” from sleeping close to the edge but PLB just uses latex layers and doesn’t have (or need) any edge re-inforcement.

I wouldn’t feel too bad for the store because if this is a factory defect PLB will replace it.


Update: it was the mattress. The store kindly swapped out our mattress for a new one (same model) and problem solved! BTW, it was a Pure Latex Bliss semi-firm mattress (8-inch, 7-inches talalay plus 1-inch celsion talalay). Thank you again, Phoenix!

Hi crl2,

That’s great news that you were able to solve the problem :).

It’s not common that a new mattress has an issue like that but when they do it’s one of the benefits of a warranty.