It's a Nightmare

Hi There

I really like your website. I have been trying some S brand solutions through a major catalog store and it has not worked out. Applause Firm, S & F Firm were both too hard.

I just started reading your site and its helpful suggestions. My body is 6’ 2" and I am a side sleeper who likes support but softness too. I am considering a S& F locally in upstate NY but see your views on the S brands and their lack of value.

Where can I go in the Syracuse, NY area or online for Coil spring or latex or combo.

Thank you

Steve :slight_smile:

Hi stack,

I’m glad you found us before you pulled the trigger on a “blind” purchase where there is no way for a consumer to know the real quality and value of the mattresses you were considering.

the better options I’m aware of in the Syracuse, NY area are in post #2 here.


Thank you!

I will never buy another “S” brand mattress again. Just spent $400 to upgrade my warranty claim with Stearns to the best selction that I could find and this one will probably last forever as it will get basic guest bed duties IF we even take it out of the bag…

Hi Phoenix

I think latex or latex over something else is a good solution. However, I need a store that provides some long term financing options as the local ones offer some good financing but only sell S brands.

Anyone you know?

Hi stack,

Out of the two options listed in the Syracuse post I know that the Denver Mattress site says they have financing. I’m not sure about sleepmaster but I would call them to find out.

Both of these have some good quality and value mattresses and you may find they have something suitable where you don’t even need financing but a call will find out if they have it.