Jacksonville FL Mattress Source

This site is really an eye opener
Saved me from getting Sealy Icomfort or temper-pedic–now I see that neither are a great value even with a sale

Not having an easy time finding a sleep speciality store here in JAX Florida
There is literally a Matress 1 store in every strip mall on virtually every corner
Any recs or where is a good place to buy online or locally??
After reading here for a bit I think Latex core mattress would be best

Hi jcs2000,

There aren’t a lot of great choices right in Jacksonville but post #7 here includes some of the better ones and I would personally take the drive to Holly Hill and visit Fox Mattress. They are members of this site … meaning I consider them to be among the best of the best in terms of quality, service, and value … and I think a visit to a knowledgeable manufacturer or outlet who is “on your side” can save a lot of frustration and even time in trying to sort through all the marketing stories only to find the information you really need to make meaningful comparisons isn’t available anyway.

Hope this helps.