Jamison Skipper vs Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Bliss

I have been reading this forum for quite some time and I have really learned a lot from it. Thank you for all the work that you put into this site. I have narrowed my choices down to two. I have looked at the Jamison Skipper at a local retailer and really like the mattress. I have seen all of the positive reviews for the products at Brooklyn Bedding and would be interested in the Bamboo Bliss. It looks from the specs that these are very similar mattresses. Both have 3" of latex with the Skipper having 2" soft over 1" medium. The core of the Bamboo bliss is 1" bigger but it is the quality of the two cores that I have questions about. I can not find the exact specs of the 7" foam core in the Jamison. Would you consider these two mattress to be of similar quality or is one made of higher quality materials. I can buy either at similar pricing. I think there is a pro to the Jamison being from a local place and there is a pro to the Bamboo Bliss that they allow you to change a layer if it turns out to be something that is not right for you. So with everything else being equal I am trying to decide which will be made of higher quality materials.

Hi Smokey227,

The polyfoam in the Jamison line is 2 lbs or better so this would be similar in quality to the 2.17 lb polyfoam in the Bamboo Bliss. The Talalay latex in both is blended Talalay in the same thickness so in quality and value terms these would be the same as well (although the jamison has two layers of different ILD’s and the Bamboo bliss has one so there would be a difference in “feel”). Other than this the main difference between them would be the ability to exchange the top layer in the Bamboo Bliss for a different firmness level and in the differences in the quilting or the cover materials (the Bamboo Bliss includes a thin polyfoam and wool quilting which will improve breathability and temperature regulation and with the thinner stretch knit of the Jamison you would be sleeping more directly on the latex).

The difference in the polyfoam core thickness would not be significant.

So overall the quality/value of the foams are closely comparable and the quality of the cover would be in Brooklyn Bedding’s favor (the wool is a more costly material and provides temperature regulating benefits) and the options you have after a purchase would also be in Brooklyn Bedding’s favor (unless you can exchange the Skipper for a mattress that has a firmer or softer comfort layer). A local choice vs an online choice would be a little less “risky”. This is what I would consider to be a final choice between good and good.


I wanted to update this for anyone looking for feedback now that I have slept on my new mattress for about a month. I also wanted to say thank you again for all the help this site provided.

I decided for me to buy locally was the choice that made me feel more comfortable. There is one other local retailer of Jamison mattress in my area so I wanted to check them out. They had the cloudwing that has the same specs that the Skipper had at the other place, but he also had the Goldleaf which has two separate 2" layers of soft talaley latex. I tested this bed and decided it was the best for me. The retailer was able to offer me a comparable price to the skipper I had priced at the other store so I went ahead and bought it.

When it was delivered and taken out of the plastic I did not notice any smell at all. I have read a lot about different smells so I was expecting something, but I did not notice anything at all. It was a little firmer than the one they had in the showroom, but that seemed to change very quickly. It has a very plush feel, but you do not feel like you sink into it like in the memory foam beds that I tried. It still got a little bit on the warm side, but nothing like the pillowtop I had before. It took a few days to get used to the new mattress, but since then I have never slept better.

I have always slept hot and I needed a protector for the mattress so that was the next thing I researched on here. I looked at the St Dormeir protector, but I did not think I could spend that much. I bought one of the thin membrane lined protectors and it did not make it through the night, It had a trampoline effect on the mattress from the really tight fit and it made me extremely hot. I broke down and ordered the St. Dormeir the next morning. It took a while to get here but now my bed is perfect. I do not get hot, it did not change the way the mattress feels at all. I highly recommend it.

Hi Smokey227,

Thanks for the great feedback … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

You certainly did some good research and ended up making the best choice based on your own personal value equation which is the main goal of this site!

Thanks too for the feedback about the protectors. It’s not uncommon for the membrane type protectors to add to the sleeping temperature of the mattress (they are less breathable than the other types) or create a “trampoline” effect if they are too tight and the St Dormeir is a great quality choice and well worth the price IMO.

I think you did very well :slight_smile: