Jordans Hand Tufted


I am going to be checking out the Jordans Hand Tufted mattress

I have been to a Jordans before and they mentioned that their Jordans Mattress Factory items are manufactured in Billerica MA. I assume from searching online that this means they are made by Englander.

What type of specifics should I be looking for to determine the quality of this hand tufted mattress?


Hi tinman,

Yes … this would be a safe assumption.

The most important part is to identify what may be the weak link of the mattress which will generally be in the foam layers on top of the innerspring. Knowing the density/quality and thickness of all the components and layers above the innerspring would be important to me (except perhaps for a thin quilting layer which can generally be assumed to be a lower density and ILD).

With any polyfoam you would need the density information as well as the thickness of the layers.

With any latex … you would need to know the type of latex they use.

With any memory foam you would need the thickness and density.

I would also ask about the ticking material (cover) and quilting both of which can be a significant part of the cost.

Most innersprings in the mid to upper budget ranges would not be the weak link of the mattress but I would still want to know the basics of it’s construction (gauge, turns, coil number, type).

A two sided construction will add to the life of the mattress vs a one sided mattress using the same materials and it is also layered and finished on both sides so this is a value and durability “bonus”.