Just bought our new mattress from Quality Sleep Shop.

Hey Phoenix. I just bought a new mattress from these fine folks. In the end we decided on the Emily Plush innerspring. https://qualitysleepshop.com/emily-pillowtop/
We just loved the combination of support and pressure point relief. It was also reassuring that Tim the owner mentioned the majority of his friends and family also own his innerspring line.
It should be delivered in about 5 days or so. I will give un update.
Would also like to again emphasize the great experience we had. We are a bit outside of their normal free delivery range but they are not charging us for it. We also got the MU discount.
On this visit there were a few other customers in the shop and from the conversations it appeared they were repeat customers. As I got into my car another group of folks were exiting theirs including a very frail looking elderly woman. I said to them that they came to the right place for a mattress and they said to me they know!! So evidently they were repeat customers as well. A sure sign of a quality place to buy a bed :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Hi klphoto,

As you know from the many other comments on the forum about them that are similar to yours (from me and many other forum members) I think you made a great quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to to any additional feedback you have the chance to share once you’ve received it and slept on it for a bit.

Thanks for your comments and for letting us know what you ended up deciding … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words! We pride ourselves at Quality Sleep Shop to provide the best sleep possible and I’m so happy to hear that you had a great experience in our shop. Please update us on how you like it when you get it home!

Hi Phoenix. I just wanted to give you a preliminary review of our new mattress. We have had it just shy of 2 weeks.
First off this is only the third bed we have owned in our 34 years of marriage. We first slept on a King water bed for about 17 years. Next a queen inner spring for the next 17. This is a major investment for us so we are glad we found The Quality Sleep Shop.
Tim set up a delivery time and called on the day to say his people we running a bit late.
We were torn between the queen or king and ultimately decided on the queen. We live in a very old house with a tight stair case but we had managed to get 2 box spring up in the past so we figured no problem. Well it turns out the new foundations are an inch or so wider than the old type box springs. Quality make 2 foundations. One has metal in it and it didn’t fit!! Luckily they also had an all natural wood foundation on the truck and that just made it. So take note anyone reading this in a similar tight fit. Measure your old foundation/box spring.
As far as the mattress itself you can tell immediately it is extremely well made. We were torn between the standard or the pillow top Emily as my wife liked the standard and I preferred the pillow top. We were told about a wool mattress cover upgrade that would extend the the life and add some firmness to the mattress. We decided to go with the pillow top with the wool cover.
(btw I guess some have issues with the wool odor we haven’t noticed any smell)
As far as comfort my wife loves it. I am finding it a bit too firm however. I would say this post you made about wool would apply to me.https://forum.mattressunderground.com/t/any-experience-with-sleepez-8q-specials.
So at this point we have a difference in our feelings on the comfort. We are glad the Sleep Shop has a 90 day comfort guarantee so we may end up making an adjustment or an exchange.
One of the things that occurred to me as an option is going with the exact same configuration in a King size and then purchasing a twin topper for my side to add some softness. (the tight squeeze would be a non issue as the foundation would be 2 smaller ones and pocket coil mattress is flexible enough to bend)The logic being my wife is happy and you can’t really make a soft top firmer so adding softness to my side seems to make sense.
Well see how it plays out as we move forward.
I’ll post again to follow up.

Hi klphoto7,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback in such detail … I appreciate it :).

After 17 years on your old mattress it may take a little longer to adjust to the feel of a new sleeping surface and your mattress will probably have a little bit of breaking in to do yet but it’s good to know that you have lots of time and good options available to you if you decide you need to make any changes.

I’m looking forward to your next update to see how things are progressing.


Thought I would do an update. As there is a definite difference in my wife’s and mine softness preferences we did a major change. We decided to upgrade to two Emily plush twin XL made at different firmness levels. Both with the woven wool mattress cover option. As we were doing the upgrade we also decided,what the heck we’ll also have them made double sided. This was a major purchase that we are using a 0% credit card offer to pay for and we decided a great nights sleep is worth the investment.
We are bot extremely pleased with the comfort and the overall quality of these mattresses. The Exceptional Sheets twin XL to King bed joiner is on its way.

Would highly recommend the Twin XL route to people who have different comfort preferences.
We were lucky in that we had a fairly local place to get all this great service from so make sure you check the listing on this site or ask Phoenix if there is a place near you before assuming you need to buy online.

Hi klphoto7,

Thanks for taking the time to share another update and for letting us know how you solved the fairly common issue of a couple that has different needs or preferences :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear that everything worked out so well for you!