Just discovered idea of "DIY" mattresses! Been shopping for talalay on coils...

Hi Arizona!

I found you via these Mattress Underground forums when I started to notice all the popular mattress review sites seem to give the same positive reviews, over and over, and then encourage use of their coupon codes. I do think those sites provide some useful information, but I also think they’re geared toward pushing sales.

I’m a 5’9" 150lb male. Have always slept on traditional coil mattresses. Think of myself as a combination sleeper (mostly side and back), I don’t like getting hot. I’ll share the mattress with a smaller partner (5’2 120lb female) also a combination sleeper. I’m a somewhat light sleeper, and do tend to wake up when partner moves around.

I’ve generally written off foam, in large part because the idea of foam just strikes me as a bad idea. I do gather they get warm, and may break down more quickly. When I try them, I don’t really like that “stuck” feeling.

(The one thing I don’t really know: perhaps a memory foam mattress would actually be so totally comfortable that I would no longer roll around so much, in which case the stuck feeling would matter less. But doesn’t seem I would buy a mattress based on that idea.)

I also value “edge support” so I can use the full area of the mattress.

So far, I was most closely considering:
WinkBed EcoCloud - 4" talalay latex on coils
Saatva Latex Hybrid - 3" talalay latex on coils
Birch - 2" talalay latex on coils

To my thinking, a talalay latex comfort layer, on coils with a more-supportive coil perimeter, and with generally natural materials like cotton and wool, seems appealing. (However, I do also understand this isn’t the optimal setup to dampen motion from other sleeper.)

Overall, I think my current instinct is the WinkBed EcoCloud – simply because my sense is the 4" talalay comfort layer may make it the most comfortable of the lot.

I think all the review sites drove me a bit insane, because everything seems to get a similar good review.

But having just discovered the idea of going DIY, I thought I should look deeper, and seek your guidance.

In addition to coils, comfort layer, and cover – do I need other components? For example, is there some sort of surface between the coils and the comfort layer? Or beneath the coils?

Many Many Thanks!

Thank you for the great questions. We were the first company to marry and rollable pocket coil with latex and that was over 6 years ago. Since then it’s one of the most copied designs in the bedding industry. We first introduced it right here on the Mattress Underground. It’s a great design and the DIY version and the pre-configured version are our best selling models. The pocket coil, latex and cover is all you need. Many companies will add a layer of cheap poly foam under the coil but that is to protect the coils during high compression roll packing. We vacuum pack which doesn’t put the same stress on the coils and thus there is no need for the poly foam. Many will get a 2" layer of Medium Talalay and a 2" layer of soft so that they can rearrange them if necessary to tweak the overall feel. This design offers a very cool sleeping mattress with edge support and wonderful comfort. Motion is diffused with both the pocket coil and latex.

Looking at another recent post from you, it seemed you favor the Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa – I believe you said for side sleeping – I do sleep on side, but also back, and (not often) stomach – and I do like to roll around to change position (or just while reading in bed).

Is Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa the preferred base? Is there a reason you offer a different base for your “Ultimate Hybrid”?

Given my initial interest in a 4" talalay layer, I do find the idea of two separate 2" talalay layers (of differing density) interesting – as I would then be able to unzip and swap – that’s the idea?

Back to you!