Just Purchased a Mattress from Fox Mattress

Hey everyone,

First let me say a big Thank You to Phoenix for providing this great website! My wife and I have been living with a Simmons Beautyrest Vanderbuilt mattress for the last seven years. When we first purchased it, we absolutely loved its plush feel and comfortable pillow top, but now seven years later we haven’t had a goods night sleep in a long time. We wake up every morning with that “hit by a bus” feeling, and although we’ve looked around for a new mattress, we have been on the fence about purchasing with regret.

A friend of ours paid over $3,000 for his Tempurpedic mattress that he loves, but I had heard mixed feelings on that mattress and I couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of cash without being absolutely sure. So my wife and I looked at the iComfort mattress, which we really liked but, once again we really didn’t feel the absolute necessity to spend the money for a good iComfort mattress.

Last week, after a particularly bad night’s sleep, I started searching for mattress reviews and information, when I came across this great website. After reading through some of the postings, I decided that I would at least find a local manufacturer to try out, and luckily Fox Mattresses happens to be our local supplier (well they are an hour away from Jacksonville).

Yesterday we made the drive down there with the intent of comparing, but we immediately fell in love with their mattresses. We tried their iComfort type mattress with 4lbs of memory foam which we really liked, but when I laid on their Talalay mattresses we were in absolute heaven! They felt perfect from the minute we laid down, and also considering how hot it gets in Jacksonville, we leaned towards them since they supposedly sleep cooler than memory foam.

We ended up purchasing the Fox Touch Latex Mattress that has 2 inches of Talalay foam on top of a Soy based foam core which they guarantee to not exceed 3/4 of inch of depression in its lifetime! The salesman John was patient and knowledgeable as we took our time and laid in each bed for 5-10 mins, and I never felt like I needed to rush to a decision. In the end we also splurged and purchased the S-Capes adjustable base, (which was more than the mattress), but hey… I think it was worth it!

Hi dcorrea78,

Congratulations on your new mattresses and thanks for the great review about your experience :slight_smile:

That’s one more for the “good guys”!