Just received my SleepEZ Latex Mattress!

I’m back to report on my experience with my SleepEZ mattress. Since this site, Phoenix, and other posters were incredibly helpful to me in my mattress search, just wanted to post my experience with the hopes it might help someone else.

Background: I am 5’8", 138 lbs with lots of aches and pains. I always wake up feeling stiff. Husband is 5’8", 170 lbs. He could probably sleep on a bed of rocks and not really care. So he has been pretty indifferent during my mattress search.

Old mattress is a Simmons. We bought it 11 years ago in desperation, as I found the whole comparison shopping confusing and we had just moved into our new house with nothing to sleep on. It never was very comfortable, and only got worse. In recent years, it began to sag, which I think has really added to my back problems.

When I first started looking, I visited all the usual mattress shops looking at the 3 S’s. I was seduced by the mattresses that felt and looked so good in the showroom, only to go home and read about how the pillowtops that seem oh-so-comfortable at first end up losing their shape to offer the back support of a hammock.

DH wanted to try out the Sleep Number. We did, and it didn’t feel like anything special and I couldn’t understand why it was so pricey. I soon realized I would need to do some serious research to avoid my previous mistake. My first stop was Consumer Reports – not very helpful. I also found sleeplikethedead and whatsthebestmattress. It wasn’t until weeks later that I found this site - by far the best.

After reading about the various mattress materials, I found latex very intriguing, but had never experienced it for myself. I tried out my first latex bed at Healthy Back and my second at Savvy Rest. I thought the Savvy Rest was very comfortable, but more than I cared to pay. They were so nice and helpful in the store, though, that I really did want to buy from them.

I ended up doing something I never in a million years thought I would do…order a mattress over the Internet. I decided to go with SleepEZ based on the reviews on this site. The Mattress Underground discount + no sales tax + free shipping + two free pillows made the deal especially enticing. So I nervously took my chances!
We ordered the king size 10,000 natural latex (top layer soft talalay, middle layer medium dunlop, bottom layer firm dunlop).

The mattress arrived yesterday. First, the negatives.:frowning: UPS dumped the boxes on my driveway, so we had to haul them into the house ourselves and then up a flight of stairs – not easy. We also have to get rid of the old mattress ourselves - not so easy when it is a king size.

And of course, we had to put the mattress together ourselves. It was a little confusing at first because it came with no instructions! So I went to YouTube to figure it out. Even once I got the idea, it was a little more work than I thought it would be. At first, we were afraid the mattress cover wouldn’t even fit and thought they sent the wrong size. Fortunately, it was fine. But it would have been helpful to have some instructions and a warning that the cover will look too small at first.

The other negative is I was wondering what happens if we need to exchange a layer. The layers are incredibly vacuum packed into airtight bags, which are then placed into boxes. There is no way we could jam those layers back into the boxes they came in. So if we do have to exchange, I am wondering how this is done. So at this point in the setup, I am also wondering if the cost savings of purchasing online was worth it.

One other negative – any maybe this isn’t significant, but I’d like to hear your thoughts, Phoenix – I noticed a lot of imperfections in the latex, like little snags hear and there, as if it rubbed up against something sharp and pulled a little. My concern is not that I’m going to feel it, but that it might weaken the life of the latex. I did take pictures in case this might be a problem.

So we had our first night’s sleep and so far so good. I didn’t have that feeling of “oh, this is the most comfortable mattress ever I don’t want to get out of bed for days.” Rather, I felt that I was in good alignment with just enough comfort and cushy support for the small of my back. I also felt like I could turn rather easily, as the top layer has some spring to it. I will also say that my back felt better today than it has in a LONG time. DH also slept fine, although as I said, he could sleep on a bed of rocks so that doesn’t say much.

I also liked the free shredded latex pillows. Those things were stuffed with latex and I took a ton of it out as I like a flatter pillow. So now I can make myself two pillows for my kids!

So that’s the first night’s report. I promise to check back in another month, as that should be the real test.

I hope my attempt to “pay it forward” was helpful…B)

Hi FairfaxMom,

Thanks for writing such an informative report. I always appreciate when people go into more detail that other can relate to. A couple of comments in reply to some of yours …

This would have been frustrating to me as well … especially if the weather wasn’t good or it was in plain view of the public. I don’t know what happened here but this is not a good thing IMO. My understanding is that they’re supposed to deliver to your door.

As you discovered … the cover is supposed to fit tightly around the latex and many people initially think that it isn’t thick enough when they are assembling the mattress and then “magically” everything fits. I agree though that instructions would be a good idea and especially instructions in handling the latex which can tear and should be “waved” rather than “pulled” into position. At one point they had a video I believe but I haven’t seen it. I’ll ask Shawn about this when I talk with him next because I also think that instructions would be a good idea … even if it’s a video on their website. They do have some instructions here but they are fairly “generic”.

The layer exchange process is described here. They ship you the new layer (or two “split” layers). You put the layer in the same box (it fits) and return it to them. Lots have done this with no problems at all. The cost savings of an online purchase can be very significant but how much would depend on the price of a comparable local mattress (and of course if this was a mainstream mattress or compared to most of the types of outlets that people usually purchase from it could be very large). Better local manufacturers that sell factory direct or through smaller sleep shops would tend be more comparable in value if they are available within reasonable driving distance. My normal “guideline” is that if the cost difference is around 20% or more (and again the difference would depend on what was being compared) … then it’s well worth seriously considering an online purchase. Local and online options tend to act as a counterbalance against each other and are a good way to compare value.

Blemishes and imperfections are the “norm” with latex and are perfectly OK. The all natural versions may have this even more because the raw material is heavier and “clumpier” and not as consistent as a blended material. This page on the SleepEz site talks about this and includes some pictures to give people a sense of what to expect.

Hope this helps and thanks once again for a great review that really touches on many of the things that people wonder about.


You’re welcome for the review, Phoenix - and thank you for the helpful response.

When you speak with Shawn, I would suggest that if adding directions to the shipment is cumbersome, to at least provide a link to directions in the email confirmation. When we were setting the mattress up, we quickly looked at the site to try to find instructions. Perhaps our navigational skills aren’t the greatest, or maybe we felt a little rushed to figure it out - so we ended up going to YouTube for help.

So if they could add an instruction link in the email + a warning as to latex imperfections (with a link to pictures) + a warning as to how the mattress cover will look to small, that would be incredibly helpful to future buyers.

As far as delivery, it not only concerned me that we had to do some additional lugging to get the boxes in the house, but also that they were left outside. Even though the mattresses come sealed in additional plastic wrap, if we had a heavy rain, the boxes would have been torn to shreds. Fortunately that did not happen.

On a positive note, I have now had three nights’ sleep on my new mattress. I am very pleased to report that my back feels so much better already. I used to have to get up and stretch out my inverted table every morning. Now, I no longer feel like my spine is compressed and the inversion is not necessary. I also have a ton of tender points all over my back; those are no longer bothering me either.

The only negative about the mattress I can report so far is it seems more motion sensitive than we hoped for. I think that is just because we have it on our old metal frame + box spring. We still haven’t decided what we want to put it on permanently, but thought we would give our old frame and box spring a try before investing any more money.

So far, I am glad we decided on latex, and glad we took a chance on ordering long distance with SleepEZ. Thanks again for all your help with this decision, Phoenix.

I am curious as to why you did not go with a mattress from the Healthy Back Store. I am likely going to go with their Bliss latex - Elegance model. I would appreciate your thoughts or those from anyone else with experience there.

Thanks, Hillel

Reasons I did not go with Healthy Back: (1) I like being able to layer my own mattress (2) when I tried out the soft-medium-firm combo at Savvy Rest, I found it more comfortable than Healthy Back, (3) I could replicate the feel of the Savvy Rest mattress at Sleep EZ for much less $$ than both Healthy Back and Savvy Rest.

Hi FairfaxMom,

I talked with Shawn today and I asked him about the video he used to have because I remembered watching it some time ago. He said that it was somehow “removed” in the process of the changes they have been working on with their website but the good news is that by the beginning of August the new site will be up and it will include lots of updated information, videos, and pictures so this problem should be solved.

The box spring will certainly make a difference in motion if it has “active” springs. I wrote an amalgamated post today here about foundation options which may help.

Thanks for the ongoing feedback :slight_smile:


Thanks for the very helpful post about the bed foundation, Phoenix. After all the time spent on making the mattress decision, I need a little time off before deciding on the foundation – but it is definitely on my “to do” list.

So far, our mattress has proven to be a very good investment. I am very surprised how quickly my back pain has subsided. As an added bonus, I also like the free latex pillows. I took over half the latex stuffing out of one to make an almost flat pillow, which has been very good for my neck. I kept the other pillow with all of its stuffing to use as a body pillow for side sleeping.

I promised to write back in a month…oops! It is now October! I am sure it is a common problem – people join the site, ask their questions, buy their mattress…and unless they have problems, are probably never heard from again. I wanted to be an exception since this site was so helpful to me.

I am happy to report that my SleepEZ mattress is doing just fine. I do not have the chronic back problems that I used to have, and am not waking up stiff every morning. So far, so good - the mattress has been a good choice. But only the next few years will really tell.

One of the many problems with mattress selection is what might be comfortable for 20 minutes in the showroom…or even a few weeks at home…may not be comfortable in a few months, or a few years. So periodic updates from customers are so important. I’ll try to remember to check in next year with an update.

Thanks again, Phoenix, in helping with the selection!

Hi FairfaxMom,

Thanks so much for thinking about us and bringing us up to date :slight_smile:

It sounds like you did very well in terms of your comfort choice and with the nature of latex and it’s durability I have every expectation that you will have many more years of good sleep from your new mattress.


Dear Fairfax Mom,

I am considering SleepEZ as one of my options and I was wondering what you think of the zip up cover? Did you get the
organic cotton/wool cover? Is it well constructed? Is the zipper working well? Has it stretched at all now that you have had it awhile? What are your impressions of this choice now that you have had it for some time? I would appreciate your feedback if you have time.


lmcgehee -

I hope you don’t mind me chiming in since I too have a SleepEZ mattress. I have the 13,000 with the cotton/wool quilted zip cover. The cover is well constructed and very soft. The zipper works perfectly. In fact, we just unzipped it to flip the top layer of latex this past weekend. Took us about 2 minutes and was a lot easier than flipping an entire King size mattress. The cover has stretched a little bit I think, which is common. It doesn’t seem to affect anything in terms of the feel of the mattress other than maybe feeling a tad softer. We are very happy with the mattress; my husband loves it which has surprised me considering he didn’t think we needed a new mattress to begin with. We did not end up exchanging any layers. Hit it right with the first try (XF, F, M, S). :silly:

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info. Maia.

SleepEZ was one option that I was considering, although right now I am leaning very strongly toward a combo. innerspring latex Berkeley Ergonomics mattress at Sovn in Dallas. I appreciate your feedback as I may end up replacing my children’s mattresses before long and SleepEZ’s prices seem very reasonable for what sounds like a quality product.


ÌWe’ve been sleeping on our Sleep EZ bed for 2 months now. I did a lot a of research before purchasing the bed and thought latex sounded like the best option for several reasons. I liked the idea of a natural product, no chemicals and odors to deal with, the spinal alignment latex can provide, and the length of time latex is reported to last. I used the chat forum on Sleep EZ’s website to figure out the best layer configuration. I initially wanted to got with a 10" bed with medium, medium, firm for my side. But Stirling said based on my weight and height I should do a 9" with soft, medium, firm layering. Unfortunately, a month of sleeping on this configuration left me with terrible arm and shoulder pain. So I called and talked it over with a representative and decided to change to a soft, soft, firm configuration. It’s now been a month into this and my shoulders are still aching each morning.
I have decided this bed is just not for me. My husband prefers firmer beds, but he is also having shoulder and neck pain. I wanted to post here about the bed, because if we were nothing but back sleepers I think we would love this bed. But as it is, we are side, stomach, and back sleepers and this is just too firm for side sleeping (for us). Thus far the company has been excellent to work with. We also had the boxes dropped off in the driveway rather than our covered porch. However, the exchange layers were delivered to the door. I am getting really nervous, though, about returning the entire bed. I am hoping that they are true to their word and the return process will be simple and a full refund issued. (I do know there is a $99 return fee.)
I wonder, has anyone returned their sleep ez bed and was the process professional? I’m not looking forward to lugging all of those boxes to a UPS drop off, but it’s worth it to not be out $1800.
I am also set on going with a Saatva bed, which was my initial first choice bed before I started researching latex. I’ll update after everything has taken place - the return process and whether I like Saatva better.
I just wanted to share my experience thus far, because it really is a good bed, just not the right fit for us. I thought set up was easy. There was a YouTube video on the website and the invoice also had a link for the video. I’ve swapped layers around several times and felt it was really easy to do, despite the weight of each layer. I was disappointed with the motion transfer. I had read that latex was a good option if you wanted less motion transfer, but I feel it is the same as our previous innerspring bed. We have the bed sitting on a wood plank foundation. So there’s my 2 cents.


Hi Lawrence Lady,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and experience with your mattress. As you know you certainly made a great quality/value choice and I’m sorry to hear that your mattress didn’t work out as well as you hoped for but the good news is that you had the foresight to choose a mattress with a good return and refund policy which can be one of the more important parts of any mattress purchase that you haven’t tested in person

I don’t know the specific combinations you have tried or how they compared to each other and there may also be some additional configurations that may be worth trying but of course returning the mattress is always a final option if none of the available configurations work well for you (or if you don’t wish to try any additional configurations).

While it’s not possible to “diagnose” mattress comfort issues on a forum with any certainty because they can be very complex and there are too many unique unknowns, variables, and complexities involved that can affect how each person sleeps on a mattress in terms of “comfort”, firmness, and PPP or any “symptoms” they experience … there is more about the most common symptoms that people may experience when they sleep on a mattress and the most likely (although not the only) reasons for them in post #2 here.

There is also more about primary or “deep” support and secondary or “surface” support and their relationship to firmness and pressure relief and the “roles” of different layers in a mattress in post #2 here and in post #4 here that may also be helpful in clarifying the difference between “support” and “pressure relief” and “feel”.

These posts are the “tools” that can help with the analysis, detective work, or trial and error that may be necessary to help you learn your body’s language and “translate” what your body is trying to tell you so you can identify the types of changes that have the best chance of reducing or eliminating any “symptoms” you are experiencing … at least to the degree that any symptoms are from your mattress rather than the result of any other circumstances or pre-existing issues you may have that may not be connected to a mattress.

It’s also possible that any upper body “symptoms” could be the result of a pillow issue as well.

SleepEZ has been in business for many years and they are one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry so you certainly won’t have any issues with the return and refund process.

You can see some comments about Saatva in post #2 here and the posts it links to that I would suggest reading before purchasing a Saatva mattress.