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My wife and I were “seduced” into paying $2300 for a Nature’s Rest latex mattress 7 years ago at Sleepy’s. We are finally fed up with the sever body impressions and restless nights. We didn’t even think about exercising our warranty until a salesperson at Macy’s suggested we look into it before buying a new mattress. I don’t know what Nature’s Rest will cover and what options we will have for a replacement, but depending on what I have to come up with out-of-pocket and what type of replacement mattress I can get, I may elect to simply write off this mattress as a bad purchase decision and buy from a better source.

Any suggestions on where to shop in the Eastern PA area? I’ve heard some good things about Original Mattress Factory but the nearest location is in Pittsburgh, 300 miles away.

Hi schnikes55,

I’m not sure which city you are closest to but if you are in the Allentown-Bethlehem area then the closest factory direct manufacturers are in Post #6 here.

There is also a larger list of manufacturers in an area centered around Trenton, NJ in post #4 here.

There are some very good choices in these outlets depending of course on which are close enough to warrant a visit and the type of mattress you are looking for.

Good luck in your warranty claim. Normally what happens with a warranty claim is that an “inspector” will come to measure the depth of the impressions (with you off the mattress) and if it is more than the warranty exclusion and if there are no other issues that would void the warranty then a claim will proceed. Spring Air went bankrupt in 2009 however so warranty claims are “problematic” to say the least.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the response Phoenix. Depending on where this warranty goes, I’ll check out the store in Broomall. My wife and I went to the Magic Sleeper in Pottstown and were not very impressed with the quality of the information from the person at the store or their use of continuous coils in their mattresses.

Hi schnikes55,

When I talked with John Santos at Magic Sleeper a few months ago, I found him to be very helpful and open. He also liked the idea of what I was doing on the site. Maybe you were talking to someone else but I do know that at least one of the owners is very helpful there.

They also carry a range of mattresses including continuous coils, offset coils (verticoils), pocket coils, latex and memory foam mattresses and they also make double sided mattresses. All of these can be very suitable materials with different constructions and in different price ranges. In the right budget range and in the right combinations … continuous coils can be good value.

Hopefully if you go back there you will get the chance to talk with John.