Just wanted to say thanks!

We went to a national chain to buy a mattress and almost bought an iConfort, but decided to come home and do some research first. Found this site and now today we are off to see The Mattress Factory and City Mattress factory in Ft. Worth.

Hi tismith1999,

You’re very welcome … and I’m glad you found us before you pulled the trigger :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to tell us about your experiences in your “mattress shopping journey”.


Well we drove 1.5 hours to DFW area and checked out three stores.
Green Living in Dallas, which has a build your own layering latex system was nice, but a little over priced for us. Also my wife prefers a gel memory top layer.

Next we went to The Mattress Factory in Ft. Worth, and looked at what they had on the showroom floor. They are able to make whatever you desire, but we are still unsure of that part. :slight_smile:

And the last stop was at City Mattress Factory also in Ft. Worth. They have two beds we liked, but neither was in stock in a king size. King Touch Gel (3" of 4lb cool gel, 2" of 3.5lb memory foam, and 9" HD poly foam) and the Royal Covington Ultima (3" of 4lb VISCO memory foam, and 6" Dunlopillo latex core, with a Pillow top.) Both were priced pretty good.

At all three places I asked if they had a discount or bonus for Mattress Underground members, but none of them knew what I was talking about. To be fair at the Mattress Factory, we spoke with a younger guy who kept telling us that the boss (owner?) would be able to answer our questions better about foam cores, so maybe he just didn’t know about this web site. At City, we spoke with a sales rep on the showroom floor.

After looking at them all, I am really liking a build you own layer system, something in the range of firm latex layer, med latex layer, and a gel memory foam layer in a zip up cover. This will allow me to replace the top layer when it wears out. Also I will probably get different firmness for each side as my wife is 70lb lighter than I am. So now I am going to look into some online systems.

What are some of the better online stores for zip up systems?

Hi tlsmith1999,

I think you may have misunderstood the bonus. Only the members of this site have agreed to provide the bonus to the members here (and the only member in Dallas is The Mattress Factory). I list any manufacturer or retailer that may have good value or at least the “possibility” of good value though in all the forum posts in each area regardless of whether they are a member here or not but listing them in a post doesn’t mean they provide a discount of bonus or even know that they are listed.

Peter (the owner) at The mattress Factory would be the one to talk with about the discount and as you mentioned the person you were talking with may not have known.

Post #21 here includes all the members here that specialize in online (or on the phone) sales and several of them have “choose your own” layer systems of various types. All of these offer a discount or bonus to the forum members here.


Hi tlsmith,

I forgot to mention that there are a few more memory foam or gel foam online options listed in post #12 here (some of which are not members so make sure you don’t ask them for the discount because they also won’t know what you are talking about :)) but I’m not sure if any of them carry a gel foam / latex hybrid mattress.

Of course you could always build a DIY mattress if you wanted to go it alone without the help and guidance of a manufacturer that makes specific mattresses by buying all the layers separately that you believe would be close to what you want. Some of the better sources for different materials are in post #4 here if you are up for the challenge … and sometimes frustration and cost (if you guess wrong) … of going in this direction.


Just wanted to use this thread to thank you for this website and forum. I have unearthed a great deal of information about mattresses to help us buy the right mattress. Being able to understand the specifications of a mattress is helping a lot. I was set on a memory foam bed, but now leaning towards the Ultimate Dreams Latex. If it wasnt for this site, I know I would have dropped some major change on a mistake.


Hi lhclarkkent,

Thanks for the kind comments … I’m glad you found us :slight_smile: