I’m looking for a recommendation for a good mattress dealer in the Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids area of Michigan Thanks!

Hi Kathy,
My mattress company ships all over the country. Its called Don’s Mattress Service. We have been in business for 98 years and make a all cotton inner spring two sided mattress that is tufted. Also we give 20 year warranty’s with our product. We also make real box springs that actually have springs in them. Please feel free to checkout our website www.donsmattress.com and if you have any question please don’t hesitate to call the number on the site. I hope this was helpful.

Hi Kathy Barnitz,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

The closest to your area would be:
buismattress in Holland
purecraftedbeds in Lansing

I have discontinued the provision of listings of potential retailers in various geographic regions (unless they are already approved site members), because of the difficulty in maintaining such lists in a retail landscape that is constantly changing, and most importantly the confusion it was creating with the consumer members who incorrectly assumed that these businesses had indeed gone through the strict vetting and qualification process that is part of becoming an approved member of The Mattress Underground. Such an assumption is unfair to both the consumers seeking assistance, as well as the very businesses and manufacturers who have indeed qualified the be members here of The Mattress Underground.

You can perform a forum search on Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids or any other area and see what other businesses have been discussed in that region which may be helpful to you.

Whatever business you’re considering, I would always confirm that any retailer or manufacturer that you wish to visit is completely transparent (see this article) and also make sure that any mattress that you are considering meets the quality/value guidelines here.

If you have any questions about specifications or certain products you discover, feel free to post back on the forum and I’ll do my best to be assistive.