King 2" talalay latex topper (mid teens ILD) for $300ish?

[quote=“KSueSmith” post=36369]Hi!

If you’re still looking, this is a recent quote from a MU member, Flexus Comfort Mattress for a 3" E. King 100% Talalay topper w/ stretch cover, $358.00 to my door.

No tax or shipping charges. (I’m not in CA., factor in tax exemption ??)[/quote]

hello Ms. smith first time poster but long time lurker. i called on this since i have a e. king and was told that that particular topper is $475 delivered. it is radium and the lowest ild they have is 22. choice of cover is bamboo/polyester or cotton. a 3" queen radium brand talalay is $365.


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MY mistake & I am sorry for the confusion. It has been a while since I referred to my notes. At one time my head was spinning trying to keep it all straight.

Forgive my honest mistake. :blush:

Not sure when I confused myself, but my bed is 10" finished 3 slabs of latex & they are of course 3" thick. Did I get 3 " stuck on the brain? We had thought we could need a topper & I remember now asking about 2" E. King.

Sorry Mark. The something fishy was my memory of asking about a 3" when I had inquired about a 2" in case we wanted a topper.

My bad. My memory stinks.

thought i could delete

Thanks. My memory is refreshed. I asked about a 2" EKing during a sale. I thought I was helping Automaton.

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It’s also somewhat ironic to me given your last comments here that if you go back to post #4 in this thread in reply to the OP that there are two links to 2" 100% natural Talalay toppers in eastern king that are both under $300. One is to KTT Enterprises (which sells Latex International 100% natural Talalay) and is not a member here and the other is to (which sells Radium 100% natural Talalay) and is a member here. I think highly of both of them.

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This thread is very timely as last night I slept about 10 hours and woke up exhausted…I’ve got to get the right topper.

I’ve been holding off because I haven’t known what companies have trusted products.

I have an extremely firm Gardner spring mattress with cotton and wool over the springs and my shoulder was killing me last night during side sleeping.

What I am using is a 3" continuous pour Dunlop topper in M firmness.

What I am craving is a 1.5" or 2" memory foam topper (fairly dense to hold me up.)

But of course I have these awful allergies to the formaldehyde in memory foam so I have to use something as “pure as possible” as far as chemicals go.

I seem to remember Neal at Spindle telling me his blended latex wouldn’t pose a risk to me. I don’t know what type of latex it is and I didn’t explore that because he only carries 3", not less.

I loved the feel of Gardner’s LI blended talalay topper which is also 3". It didn’t bother my allergies but this could be because it had out gassed already; I don’t know.

But i seem to be reading here this morning that LI through KKT sells a natural talalay.
Would that give me the density and blended latex or memory foam feel I’m craving? Or is there a blended or synthetic latex that is truly as chemical-free as MT’s natural latex?

I seem to go right through this M Dunlop 3"…my shoulder is hurting. I need to be “held up”. Need more density but not hardness.

Thanks much, I need to order something today.

Hi LookingNow,

Spindle carries two types of latex and both are continuous pour Dunlop made by Mountaintop Foam. One of them is synthetic (with small amounts of natural rubber in the softer versions) and the other is 100% natural. (Note: They now only sell 100% natural continuous pour Dunlop mattresses and toppers)

[quote]I loved the feel of Gardner’s LI blended talalay topper which is also 3". It didn’t bother my allergies but this could be because it had out gassed already; I don’t know.

But i seem to be reading here this morning that LI through KKT sells a natural talalay.
Would that give me the density and blended latex or memory foam feel I’m craving? Or is there a blended or synthetic latex that is truly as chemical-free as MT’s natural latex?[/quote]

Most people with chemical sensitivities seem to be fine with any type or blend of latex and all of the latex you are likely to encounter would be tested and certified either by Oeko-Tex or by Eco-Institut for harmful substances or VOC’s.

Latex is a fast response and resilient material that doesn’t really doesn’t feel anything like memory foam. You can read more about the differences between them in post #2 here. Both Latex International and Radium make 100% natural versions of Talalay. The all natural Talalay from LI would be less durable than their blend.

Both companies also make a version of latex that has a slow response that is closer to the feel of memory foam. The one from Latex International is called Talalay GL slow response.

With latex, higher densities go hand in hand with firmer materials. This is different from memory foam or polyfoam where higher densities can be made in either softer or firmer versions. What most people need in a topper is a combination of the right thickness (to isolate you from the firmness underneath) and the right softness (to provide good pressure relief).

The mattress underneath the topper will also play a significant role in the thickness and softness of a topper that works best for you. There are some guidelines for choosing a topper in post #2 here and the posts it links to.


Thanks Phoenix.

I spoke with a man today at 1 of the companies on the suggested latex topper list you have here on the site who said natural and blended talalay feel the exact same. That didn’t sound right to me so thanks for having cleared that up already. But when you say natural latex isn’t as “durable”, do you mean it might not give me as much of the MF “feeling” I crave (I think I should just call this pressure relief) as the blended? And would Radium’s natural talalay be better for pressure relief than LI’s natural (or blended for that matter)?

Re: with latex, higher densities mean firmer materials: when you say firmer do you mean that with a topper “firmer” means “harder” - or do you mean more pressure relief? This M Dunlop is killing my shoulders so I suppose I do want to go lower in density as we discussed before (as long as it’s not me bottoming out through the topper onto my firm mattress which I’ll have to determine somehow.) Just want to ask about “firmness” to be sure I understand what you mean.

I guess as far as MCS goes, I’m left with finding out if these certifications validate there would be no polyurethane, formaldehyde or PBDEs, the things MF and vinyl contain that cause me to react (among gosh knows what else they put in the stuff.)

Also I spoke with Ken at Arizona. He thought 2" natural wouldn’t be enough but i will again explore this with the link you provided here to choose a topper. I’m fairly sure once I choose the type of latex (which is the big issue now), the thickness won’t be tok hard to choose. Like you, he doesn’t seem to think people with MCS are affected by blended talalay. We also discussed his LI GL which I was very excited about. He’s sending me samples of that and the blended so I can test them out for my allergies. He was great to talk to and says he knows you from way back.

We should all get together and have a big Mattress Sherpa party. I’m sure it would be VERY eye-opening :wink:

Sleep well tonight.

BTW, Ken mentioned how much time you give to this forum so I want to thank you again for it and the Godsend it’s been to me.

Hi LookingNow,

I don’t think that most people would be able to tell the difference between blended and 100% natural Talalay if the ILD was the same in a two inch topper. They may be able to tell some difference if a whole mattress used either blended or 100% natural Talalay.

Neither one will feel like memory foam. There is more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here and there is more about the differences between 100% natural and blended Talalay in post #2 here. In the lower ILD’s especially, the 100% natural Talalay made by Latex International is less durable (won’t last as long) as their blended Talalay while Radium has told me that their testing indicates that both would be very comparable to each other in terms of durability.

I would treat Radium and Latex International as being close equivalents although Radium has had fewer sporadic quality control issues over the last few years than Latex International.

Firmer means it compresses less when you put weight on it and would be more “supportive” but less pressure relieving. “Firmer or softer” would be more meaningful for most people than “harder or softer” when it comes to describing a mattress material. For example an innerspring is made with steel which is a “harder” material than foam (or even a wooden floor) but an innerspring may be firmer than a soft foam or softer than a very firm foam and would certainly be softer than a wooden floor even though it’s a “harder” material.

There are three different types of foam materials which are polyfoam, memory foam, or latex foam. You can find out whether a mattress or topper uses polyfoam by looking at a law label which will list the materials. The same would be true for memory foam (viscoelastic foam) or latex. Different types of polyfoam or memory foam have different chemical compositions so the testing and certification would tell you whether any chemicals or VOC’s in the polyfoam were within the limits of the testing. You can see the Certipur testing limits here* and the Oeko-Tex testing limits here (both of them have a formaldehyde VOC limit value of .1 mg/m3). PBDE’s haven’t been used in mattress materials made in North America for many years. There can be dozens of chemicals in memory foam and to a lesser degree in polyfoam so some people with MCS will often choose to avoid one or both completely rather than take the chance it will affect them although some types of memory foam or polyfoam may also be fine for you. While it’s a very complex and confusing issue and there is a lot of misinformation on both sides of the “safety” issues in the industry … post #2 here and the other posts and sources of information it links to that can help each person answer the question of “how safe is safe enough for me?” on a more individual level.

ADMIN NOTE:*Always check CertiPur site for the latest guidelines available

While there are no rules that apply to everyone and there are always exceptions … for most people with MCS any type of latex would usually be a “safe” choice but carrying a sample of a material you are considering around with you for a day or two can always be a good idea to make sure you aren’t an exception.



I discovered by Googling that synthetic latex is petrochemical based so I would not want that with my MCS.

I just ordered a 2" natural talalay latex topper in an N2 (20-24 ild) from KKT because they could provide me with the simple information I needed.

Hope this is thick and firm enough. I’ll let you know.


Hi LookingNow,

Yes … synthetic rubber (Styrene Butadiene) is generally (but not always) made from petrochemicals although they are both very different from polyurethane and viscoelastic foam which are completely different materials and don’t contain any rubber at all (synthetic or natural). Natural rubber is mainly Isoprene (AKA methyl butadiene). Most people with MCS would be fine with synthetic or natural rubber but may have sensitivities to polyfoam or memory foam.

You certainly made a good quality/value choice for your topper :slight_smile:


I suppose if I could have found a blended latex without SB I would have purchased it but I needed to bite the bullet today and buy some talalay…I’m exhausted!
I’m now in the search for a cover which I will post separately about.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi LookingNow,

Blended latex is always a blend of synthetic and natural rubber (that’s why it’s called blended vs all synthetic rubber or all natural rubber) and the synthetic rubber used in all blended latex foam is always SBR so if you wish to avoid synthetic rubber (SBR) then the only option you would have is either 100% natural Talalay or Dunlop so you saved yourself from searching for something that doesn’t exist :slight_smile:


That’s good news!

Just want to add here that KTT gave me a very good price for a latex topper. I think I’ve seen you post before that you think highly of them.

Hi LookingNow,

They do have some good prices for LI Talalay latex and I do think highly of them yes. I think you made a good choice :slight_smile: