King 2" talalay latex topper (mid teens ILD) for $300ish?

I tried my too hard pure latex bliss nutrition mattress with a 2" pure latex bliss topper which supposedly has an ILD of 14. It seemed to help, but you never really know until at least a full night’s sleep. $550 after sales tax seems quite ridiculous for such a thin topper that is made up of less latex than most higher ILD toppers. I’ve seen much better value 3" toppers, but I’m looking for 2" since 3" seemed a little too thick. Anyone have a specific recommendation in the $300ish price range?

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I don’t know what size you are looking for but the component post here has some sources that you will likely find what you need :slight_smile:



Looking for eastern king.

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I would probably check here (a little firmer than mid teens) or here (any firmness that Latex International produces). Both are bare latex without a cover.


Latex International (inventor of the talalay process) via KTT Enterprises sells the real deal, 1" - 6" slabs of any latex ILD you want for $100/inch, queen size, the cheapest in the industry. What’s nice is when you order thru the factory you can feel confident it is what it is. I’ve got three 3" slabs of the taladay Talatech coming. I’m building my own mattress. If you’re heavy go with something better than 14 ILD, and in a 3" thickness.

Latex Bliss is a rip. The latex they use comes from Latex International FWIW.


Try this for a 2 inch in 22 ILD

Hi Abraxus,

Just to clarify this … Latex International didn’t invent the Talalay process and weren’t the first to use it (see here).


Thanks everyone. I requested a quote from ktt, so hopefully they have something reasonable. I’m not that heavy and basically want to add a little light pillow top feel. PLB’s 14 ILD topper seems to do without affecting the feel of the lower support layers, so I’m trying to stay mid teens ILD.

Ran across a Sleep & Invigorate topper. The 14 ILD and Oeko-Tex 100 certified description makes it sound like Latex International foam. Is that possible? Any feedback on this brand?

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MISQUOTED price. :pinch: BAD MEMORY.

On the website you can submit a request for a quote or information & will get a quick answer by phone or e-mail.

Talalay…3"? Natural, not a blend? No way, something’s fishy K. At that low price that has either got to be a return or Dunlop, or both. I wonder where it’s made and by whom?

Here’s the scoop on the co-founder of LI, not that it really matters.

If you want to see the slab first hand, check out my thread.

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Horrors! :woohoo: Meant to say talatech, not that it matters or anyone really cares.

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No matter who else may care … I care about the accuracy of the information on the site.


Flexus Comfort Mattress asks people to shop the competition. They invite you to check them out & compare.

It is really not nice to insult a company that earned the respect of MU in order to become a member.


The quote was on a 2" EKing at the time of a sale. They use Latex Green & Radium, no weak links. Good prices, even if not that good :silly:

I’ll check with flexus, especially if they make a 2 inch topper. Any feedback on Sleep & Invigorate? This is the specific item.

Hi Automaton,

Sorry I skipped your post with your original question.

It’s certainly not Talalay and it’s probably a natural/synthetic continuous pour Dunlop from Latexco (and if it’s their Puralux it would be about 80% synthetic and 20% natural). It’s also possible that it’s 100% natural Dunlop but this is less likely if its 14 ILD. A forum search on Sleep Invigorate (you can just click this) will bring up more information and feedback about it.

Their toppers are also available at their own site here.


Fine, but nobody is interested in you having the last word on matters that don’t matter.


It’s all about the money, has nothing to do with conceptual “insults”. He who pays to be a sponsor here gets pushed. He who doesn’t care to be a part of MU is put on the back burner.

You will never beat the manufacturer’s price, and KTT IS the manufacturer.

Since some are anal about always getting it “right”, I’ll bird dog this price and get back to ya’ll. It’s the nanny in me you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine, but nobody is interested in you having the last word on matters that don’t matter.