King Koil Intimate, Aireloom Preferred, or Ortho Mattress Dr. Preferred Reserve?

I am in the market for a new, quality mattress and understand that investing in a really good mattress is very important to my overall health. I am willing to pay a bit more for a superior, durable mattress.

I have spent some time trying several mattresses and have found I like the feeling like I am floating on top of the mattress with pressure relief for my hips and shoulders more than feeling being too cradled and sinking in too much. I like both luxury firm and slightly softer mattresses. I am considering some innerspring models with Talalay latex in the comfort layers. I am mostly a side sleeper. I sleep hot and have right hip pain/sciatica. I am 5’6", with curves and a BMI around 28 (so a contouring mattress would be beneficial). I am currently sleeping on a Sealy Hybrid.

After trying several mattresses, I am struggling to find that balance between support/firmness so that my spine is in alignment and enough softness/plushness to ease the pressure on my hip area and shoulders to be comfortable.

I slept really well on a hotel mattress that was a Classic Sealy Posturepedic level A-3 plush. It is my understanding that Sealy doesn’t make anything like those anymore, though. I also really liked the Serta Perfect Sleeper Waldorf Astoria II in Plush, but maybe it’s also because I was on vacation. This is a big investment and I am trying to make a good decision.

I have some mattresses that I am considering that I would love some input on:

King Koil Alpine Ultra Plush

King Koil Alpine Firm.

King Koil Brighton Medium Plush.

Aireloom Preferred Luxetop M1 firm Luxetop™ M1 Firm - Luxury Mattress | AIRELOOM

Aireloom Preferred Luxetop M1 Plush Luxetop™ M1 Plush - Luxury Mattress | AIRELOOM

Ortho Mattress Dr. Preferred Reserve Cosmos LTPS. Cosmos LTPS

I am also interested in input about Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Collection and Reserve Hepburn. I don’t think they feature any Latex in their comfort layers, but are they worth consideration? Thank you in advance.

I accidentally posted my response to the wrong thread. Check my response at “In the market for a new mattress”. Short Answer….Aireloom M1/M2 or Aireloom Preferred Streamline series.


Thank you for your input. I went to try the Aireloom M1/M2 and Aireloom Preferred Streamline Luxury Firm. I really liked the Aireloom Preferred Streamline Luxury Firm a lot. It has a really nice balanced feeling of support, yet some cushion on the top layer. I liked the M1 as well, but preferred the Streamline Luxury Firm a bit more. I also tried the some Tempur-Pedic models and really like the ProAdapt Hybrid Medium. It was really comfortable and I liked the feeling of the coiled support much more than an all foam mattress. I think it’s between the Aireloom Luxury Firm and Tempur-Pedic Pro-Adapt Hybrid Medium now. Any input is appreciated.

Glad you enjoyed your mattresses.

Im not an expert….but a savvy buyer who is observant.

The best person to listen to on this is yourself. Use the tutorial. Im a huge Tempurpedic fan…but I may be changing to Aireloom M1 Firm or Strealine Luxury Firm. Im looking at Tempurpedic Luxe Adapt Firm. Im thinking the Tempur back support for back sleepers is not as substantial. There is support, but Aireloom support might be better. Im 5 11 at 225 pounds and a back.

1-Go to 3-6 stores with the mattresses you want. You will notice the same model may feel slightly different. What to do? Take an average. If you liked Streamline over Tempur in 4/5 stores….buy Streamline Aireloom.

2-Wear same sleep clothes to every store and bring your own pillow. Standardize your testing set up. Make notes in a notebook and compare.

Ignore all opinions including mine. Only your opinion matters. My opinion is that the Aireloom Streamline Luxury Firm feels better and will last longer for me. If you like Tempur Pro Adapt Hybrid better….get that. Try the Luxe Adapt Firm!!! I feel the Tempur had more comfort and pressure relief, but Streamline had more support for my back. Streamline is comfortable too!! Take your time! Pick what you want without prejudice!!

Quick story…I bought a Purple 4 mattress. Feels great (pressure relief). The 4 inches of Purple Grid did not have much support for the back. I was too enchanted with the comfort to realize that my support was terrible!!! I my hips sank too far down and it was killing my back!!! I had to return it!!! Moral of story….people often are too obsessed with comfort that they forget to pay attention to support!