King Koil Intimate, Aireloom Preferred, or Ortho Mattress Dr. Preferred Reserve?

I am in the market for a new, quality mattress and understand that investing in a really good mattress is very important to my overall health. I am willing to pay a bit more for a superior, durable mattress.

I have spent some time trying several mattresses and have found I like the feeling like I am floating on top of the mattress with pressure relief for my hips and shoulders more than feeling being too cradled and sinking in too much. I like both luxury firm and slightly softer mattresses. I am considering some innerspring models with Talalay latex in the comfort layers. I am mostly a side sleeper. I sleep hot and have right hip pain/sciatica. I am 5’6”, with curves and a BMI around 28 (so a contouring mattress would be beneficial). I am currently sleeping on a Sealy Hybrid.

After trying several mattresses, I am struggling to find that balance between support/firmness so that my spine is in alignment and enough softness/plushness to ease the pressure on my hip area and shoulders to be comfortable.

I slept really well on a hotel mattress that was a Classic Sealy Posturepedic level A-3 plush. It is my understanding that Sealy doesn’t make anything like those anymore, though. I also really liked the Serta Perfect Sleeper Waldorf Astoria II in Plush, but maybe it’s also because I was on vacation. This is a big investment and I am trying to make a good decision.

I have some mattresses that I am considering that I would love some input on:

King Koil Alpine Ultra Plush King Koil Alpine Trimline Ultra Plush – Sit 'n Sleep

King Koil Alpine Firm.

King Koil Brighton Medium Plush. King Koil Brighton Medium Plush – Sit 'n Sleep

Aireloom Preferred Luxetop M1 firm Luxetop™ M1 Firm - Luxury Mattress | AIRELOOM

Aireloom Preferred Luxetop M1 Plush Luxetop™ M1 Plush - Luxury Mattress | AIRELOOM

Ortho Mattress Dr. Preferred Reserve Cosmos LTPS.

I am also interested in input about Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Collection and Reserve Hepburn. I don’t think they feature any Latex in their comfort layers, but are they worth consideration? Thank you in advance.