King Koil Tribute Visco Plush

Does anyone know what the King Koil Tribute Visco Plush mattress is? I’m buying a bedroom set from someone and they are including a new one with the set. It appears to be discontinued and I can’t find any information online.

Hi 70sgirl,

I’m sorry, but I’m not familiar with that model from King Koil, The issues you’ll run into is that King Koil, like many major mattress manufacturers, contracts with different mattress licensees around the country, and they’ll often product their own “line” of King Koil mattresses, and the specifications of these can vary from region to region, so unless you could see on the law tag of the product the address of the licensee that made this mattress and then contact them to see if they would provide you the specifications of the product, it might be difficult for you to find out much more about this item.

Perhaps there is someone here on the forum who has researched this item in the past and has more knowledge about this than I do and they can provide that information.