King koil?

My 24 year old kingkoil mattress just developed an indentation after 24 years of use. I have done a little research online; looks like someone has bought them out, don’t find them in local (Kansas City area) stores, did read they are used a lot by hotels. When I googled latex mattresses, Wafair listed a Kingkoil latex. I also saw your post about Hawn bedding, Lededa and Eagles’ Rest locally and am investigating those. I was close to buying an icomfort yesterday, came back & did more research, including your site, and thus am more interested in latex now. It also fits with my environmental preservation choices.

Do you have any comments, knowledge about Kingkoil?

Hi Marilyno,

It’s always amazing to me to hear stories of mattresses that have lasted as long as yours has. With the changes in the industry in the last couple of decades … it would be exceptionally rare to see a mattress made by a major manufacturer that lasted that long nowadays.

King Koil is still around … except they changed their name to Comfort Solutions and King Koil is one of their brands. They are a licensing group which is a top ten mattress manufacturer and certainly have the same challenges as the other major brands in their use of lower quality and less durable foams and materials in the comfort layers of their mattresses.

When you focus on the materials that are used in a mattress, which is the only reliable way to tell how long it could last, then none of the major brands look very good and the independent manufacturers are clearly the way to go. The larger brands do make some good mattresses but they are also priced much higher than equivalent mattresses that are made by smaller manufacturers who put a higher priority on quality and value and have less “mouths to feed” along their supply chain.

In general terms I would look at each King Koil mattress layer by layer just like any other mattress and if it has more than an inch of polyfoam in the comfort layers … I would avoid it completely. If it only contains high quality materials in every layer (not likely) … then even if it was a mattress that provided you with perfect pressure relief and alignment, I would compare the value to similar mattresses sold by smaller manufacturers before I considered buying it as the odds are overwhelming that it would not have very good value in comparison.

In general … you would be quite safe avoiding any name brands and all the mass market stores that sell them when you are buying a new mattress and looking for the best quality and value.