King Koil

Recently, I went back to a local retailer to try out their bed called the Natural Elegance Paradise Box Pillow Top by King Koil. I liked the bed and after researching the specs on it, here’s my I came up with:

Quilting - 2" of soft soy based Poly Foam - 2lb density
1" 2lb density soft soy foam and 1" layer Talalay latex
Another inch of Talalay latex and 1" 2lb soft soy based foam and 2" medium Dunlop latex
then 6.5" soy based foam core, 1.5 lb density.

All of the specs seem fine except for the 1.5 density of the soy based foam core. That spec should be higher. Agree?

Also, I’m going to Shovlin tomorrow to once again tryout their Milan bed. If possible, I would appreciate any feedback from anybody on this site that has bought this bed or any other bed from Sholvin.


Hi 2manybeds,

Did you find out the specs from the manufacturer/retailer?

I thought that the Natural Elegance line had more latex in it (you can see some “alternative” specs here and here). I also thought that it was one of their older models that they no longer make but it could be a new mattress with the same name. If the specs are right then the mattress would be about 14" thick … is this right? What does the law tag say about the materials in the mattress? When was it manufactured (it should say on the law tag)?

If your specs are correct then there are 7" of good quality materials in the upper layers (2 lb polyfoam and latex) so it’s not likely that the 1.5 lb polyfoam in the base layer would be a significant durability issue since it wouldn’t be compressing very much … especially with your weight.

Of course I would still want to make sure that it’s a good match for you in terms of PPP and confirm the specs and make some good value comparisons with some of your other finalists.

The specs just don’t sound right to me but of course I could be wrong.

A forum search on Shovlin or on (you can just click these) will bring up the forum posts that mention them and hopefully some of the other members that have purchased from them will see your post and add their comments as well.


Here’s the information that the retailer where I saw the bed sent me:

Paradise Box Pillow Top
Natural Bamboo Cover quilted to 2" of soft soy based high density Poly foam Antimicrobial Safeguard Fiber
1" 2lb density soft soy based foam 1" layer of talalay latex
1" Talalay Latex 1" 2lb density soft soy based foam 2" Medium Dunlop Latex
6.5" High Density Soy Based Foam Core
Reinforced 18 Slat Nordic Grid Wood Foundation

This retailer told me that he can’t get the density measurements for the quilted cover and the foam core.

I found out from another retailer in my area who contacted King Koil directly (he doesn’t carry this bed, but is a distibutor for them) that the core foam is 1.5lb density. He also told me that he thinks the quilted cover is 2lb density. He wasn’t told that by King Koil, but that is his educated opinion.

According to the law tag (I took a pic of it), the bed was manufactured on 3/7/2014, and the breakdown of the materials are:

54% Urethane Foam and 41% Latex. That only adds up to 95%, and I’m not sure what the other 5% consists of.

I believe the mattress is 14/12 inches. I’m going to have to go back to the store again to measure it.

Finally, the 2nd retailer that I got in contact with was the one to give me the density spec of the core foam. He distributes King Koil and is willing to sell me the bed cheaper than the retailer where I saw the bed at.

As always, thanks for your help.

Hi 2manybeds,

If the law tag is accurate then the specs you were given can’t be accurate. The latex layers would be thicker than 1" and if some of the specs you were given are that far out then I would question the accuracy of the others as well.

At least the mattress appears to be new.


According to the specs, the Dunlop is 2" thick. Also, I have a picture of the law tag and I would like you to see it. Should I email it to you? Also, if I go back to the retailer where I saw the bed, what else should I ask him to make sure he’s not playing games with me?


Hi 2manybeds,

Sorry … my eyes must have temporarily failed me and I was misreading the specs (I skipped over some of them with the way they were listed).

Just for reference to clarify them for me and others that may read this, they are (from top to bottom) …

2" polyfoam quilting foam (density not listed or confirmed)
1" 2 lb polyfoam
1" Talalay latex (probably blended)
1" Talalay latex (also most likely blended)
1" 2 lb density polyfoam
2" medium density Dunlop (blend unknown)
6.5" 1.5 lb polyfoam support core.

Total 14.5" plus the cover and fire barrier so it doesn’t seem that there are any layers missing.

This would be on a re-inforced 18 Slat foundation.

This would make a lot more sense and with 4" of latex the percentage by weight on the law tag would also seem reasonable.

While there is still a little more polyfoam above the latex than I would like to see (it will “mask” some of the benefits of sleeping closer to the latex) … if the quilting foam is also 2 lb density and the rest of the specs are correct then there would be no obvious weak links in the mattress. It also sounds like it’s a King Koil heavy duty foundation which would be very strong.

So if it’s a good match for you in terms of PPP and it’s also the best of your finalists based on the other parts of your personal value equation that are important to you (including price) then it would be well worth considering.


The only measurement you listed incorrectly is the density measurement for the 6.5" of the polyfoam base core. It’s 1.5 lb, not 2 lb.

Also, if I can’t get the density measurement for the quilting, even though it’s listed in the specs as HD foam, could that be a weak link in the mattress?

As always, thanks for your help.

Hi 2manybeds,

I think my brain was on the foggy end of the spectrum yesterday … perhaps not enough sleep which catches up to me from time to time :slight_smile:

I’ve corrected the specs in my previous reply … thanks!

While I would prefer to see higher density foam in a base layer … in lower budget ranges and with 6" of good quality materials above the base foam it isn’t likely to be a significant issue in terms of durability and would be one of the better ways to reduce the cost of the materials in the mattress with less effect on the durability of the mattress.

I would normally look for “no more than “about” an inch or so” of lower quality or unknown materials in a quilting layer. With a +/- .5" variance in practical terms that would mean that say 1.5" would still be “OK” but once you have about 2" of lower quality polyfoam in the quilting then you could be “on the edge” of it being a potential weak link. The quilting itself would precompress the polyfoam which adds to durability and it would depend on the density/quality of the foam and the quilting pattern and the body type of the person as well but if it really is 2 lb polyfoam it wouldn’t be a weak link even if it was thicker. While it’s more than I would normally like to see on top of latex … it’s probably “just barely OK” and it’s certainly better than many other mainstream options.