King or Queen Latex Split and other ramblings

So looks like its the Select Sleep 9,000 from SleepEZ. We had the chance to sleep on one for a night and loved it. We also visited his showroom while on vacation last summer. While it was difficult to make a decision on exactly what firmness to go with for each layer, we are hoping that our discussion with Shawn and the layer choices we made will be right the first time.

Ill be asking him the following questions as well, but figured id check here to see what others thought.

I have a King Size bed frame and box spring that we wanted to use for the foundation. The little woman has a queen size bed that we have been sleeping on. I really miss the room that the king size provides, but whether we sleep on the king or queen, she is always on my side of the bed:)

We were thinking that we would get the split mattress whether its the queen or king, so that we could customize it to our individual comfort and make it easier to move or swap around layers.
Maybe im over analyzing this, but im thinking that if we go with the King size bed, that she would be sleeping mostly on my side of the bed, which makes doing the split mattress thing kind of a waste.
So has anyone else run into this and if so what did you go with?

A couple other questions while im at it. SleepEZ shows the 9000 available in the Talalay Blended and 100% Dunlop Natural.
I believe the consensus is to stick with the Talalay. The blurb on SleepEZ’s website says the following. “Our “Select Sleep 9,000” consists of 3 layers of 100% Talalay latex-top to bottom and edge to edge. You may also select 100% Natural at no additional charge.”
100% Talalay and Talalay Blend seem to contradict each other. Any comments appreciated on this.

I also had a friend that said he bought a Latex mattress from a local furniture store and said while his wife loved it, he said it was extremely hot during the warmer months. Not knowing exactly what he bought, i suppose it could have been inferior materials or some sort of foam/latex combination that caused this. Or its just his own issue with sleeping on a latex mattress.
The heat issue doesnt seem to be one i have heard of or read about while doing my research.

Hi Mab,

I think that you would probably know more about your own preferences and sleeping style either individually or as a couple than anyone else and once you start looking to other peoples thoughts about issues that are strictly preferences (such as the size of your bed and mattress) then I would also suspect that you have crossed the line into over analysis.

In general … most people do better with larger rather than smaller and the limiting factor is usually the size of the room and budget considerations but there is no “rule” for anything that also doesn’t have exceptions based on personal circumstances. A king size gives each person the same room on the mattress as a twin.

Just to extend your thoughts to make the point … if two people only slept on a single half of a mattress to the point where a split layering was a waste … then the half that wasn’t ever slept on would also be a “waste” by the same logic. Of course two people sleeping in a twin size wouldn’t work in practical terms and I would suspect that in “real life” terms that a split layering could be a benefit if your different body types and sleeping styles justified it … especially considering there is no extra cost involved and it can also provide more flexibility in re-arranging or exchanging layers.

I don’t think there is any consensus and the choice between Talalay and Dunlop is also a matter of personal preferences. I would personally never choose a mattress based on any consensus of others anyway but on your own personal preferences and experiences. My own personal preference for example leans towards Talalay in terms of “feel” but my daughter who has the same genes strongly prefers Dunlop and that’s what she sleeps on.

While it’s usually best to call and talk directly with a manufacture about any questions you have about the construction of their mattress or the options they offer … I can tell you that there are two separate Select Sleep lines. The first one that is the lower cost offers a choice between blended Talalay or 100% natural Dunlop in any of the layers. So in this case choosing 100% natural would mean you were choosing Dunlop. In the more costly line you have a choice of 100% natural Talalay or organic Dunlop both of which are more costly materials.

Many of the “so called” latex mattresses sold at mainstream stores have either small amounts of latex, lower quality latex, or significant amounts of other materials over the latex (such as polyfoam). Latex itself is the most ventilating and temperature regulating of the foam materials but no matter which type of foam you use in a mattress there are also many other factors involved in the sleeping temperature of a mattress. Post #2 here and post #29 here have much more about the many factors that can affect temperature regulation and sleeping microclimate.


This one’s easy. Go with the split layers… three layers on your side, but only two layers on her side. This should be an effective barrier to preserve your half of the bed :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks Phoenix for your thoughts. Ill give SleepEZ a call tomorrow and try to firms things up.

TheLight you might be onto something there :wink: