King Size Adjustable Bed?

I am looking for an adjustable bed (to go with a mattress I have not yet been able to select). All of the king size beds I’ve seen have been split/dual. Is there a good bed (preferably with wireless remote and massage) that comes in king size without the split/dual?

Hi Da,

All of them come in split king sizes (a single king would be too big and bulky to move easily or get in many bedrooms). They can however connect together and be controlled with a single remote so they can function as a single unit.

For reference as well … two of the better sources for adjustable beds are … They are a member here and provide a 5% discount on most (not all) of their adjustable beds for members of the forum. They carry a wide selection of major brands and others and have good prices.


That makes sense, along with the synched controls. Does that work with the Reverie Deluxe? And do you still think as highly of that bed as you did? Also, I am still trying to decide on an all natural latex mattress - once I can find a place where I can test a few out - and from what I can tell a 10" king would work fine on the adjustable, right? Thanks again!

Pricing update: I have been comparing prices and the S-Cape can actually be found flor slightly less than either the Reverie Deluxe or the Ergomotion 400. shows split king sized at the following prices:

  • Ergomotion 400: $2,000 inc. curbside shipping
  • Reverie Deluxe: $2,100 inc. curbside shipping
  • L&P S-Cape: $2,278 inc. White Glove inside placement shipping (this shipping elsewhere costs $150-$200)

Elsewhere the S-Cape is selling for less than at has it for $1,860 including curbside shipping.

Phoenix, your other review said the Ergomotion 400 and Reverie Deluxe were better value than the S-Cape, but that was based on a 15% higher price for the S-Cape, which now is a bit lower. Does this change your rating? If all three were exactly the same price with the same shipping, which would you choose?

Hi Da,

Yes to both … although the prices of the Reverie have gone up slightly and the S-Cape have come down substantially since I bought mine. The functions were very similar (although the Reverie had a few advantages) and price was the major factor for me.

If the prices were the same I would make my choice based on which of the small differences were most important to me. For example one of the things I liked about the Reverie was that the head raised a little higher and the massage felt a little stronger (although I don’t use it much) and I personally would still choose it but some of the other considerations listed in post #2 here may mean that someone else leans in a different direction.

If lifting capacity is important then the stronger AC option of the L&P may be important to you (although the motor is a little louder than DC motors).


FYI: Am buying a Reverie Deluxe split king myself. Currently has a special right now for $1795 no tax, no s/h. I currently have a Reverie queen deluxe with wired remote. We are pleased and decided to upgrade to the split king. Customer service at Reverie does seem to be a bit on the lacking - but the price/value is fantastic.