King Size Mattress around $1000

Hi Everyone!

My wife and I are in the market for a new king size mattress. Budget of around $1,000 give or take a couple hundred bucks. I am a 6’3" roughly 230lb side and back sleeper and she is a 5’10" 140lb side and stomach sleeper. In addition we have a 30lb dog that sleeps in our bed who is usually between my legs if Im sleeping on my back or curled up behind my legs when i sleep on my side

Most recent beds:

Brooklyn Bedding Select 14" Gel Memory Foam Mattress (cheap $480 mattress)
.75" quilt foam
.75" Cool-Gel Memory foam
3" High Density Comfort Foam
8" Ascension X Coils
1.5" High Density Base Foam
Notes: We have had it for about a month and a half and absolutely hate it. Returning as it is way too soft, we both sink in way too much and are having hip and back pain from it. Im not sure if this is because of the coils but my wife has been waking up because of my movement in the bed, i typically get up every-night to go to the bathroom and the movement wakes her up as she is a very light sleeper.

LUCID 14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Medium Feel
2" latex-like top layer
2" gel memory foam
3" transition layer
7" bamboo charcoal base foam
Notes: We really liked this mattress for the first year and a half or two years we had it. Its rated as a “medium” firmess. Was super comfortable but ultimately after two years my side started sagging then after 2.5-3 years it was sagging and unbearable for both of us.

Doing research I found some mattresses that are in my price range:

DLX Classic
Roma Latex - SleepEz
Luxerion Hybrid - LMF - Im concerned this will be too soft and not be a great option given my weight.
Eco Sleep Hybrid - APM - Would the caliberedge or bolsa coils be better for me?

As I do more and more research im lost on what direction to go, hoping for some guidance on our decision or if there is anything else I should look at, I thought about diy but It would likely be over my price range.


Hi Jtron and welcome to the forums! I’m sure you’ll get plenty of feedback, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I work for both Latex Mattress Factory and Sleep EZ and I think the firmer side of the Roma should be ideal for both of you. Our Roma is an enclosed mattress that quilted on both sides and is adjusted by flipping it, and the Select Sleep mattress has a zippered cover that is adjusted by unzipping the cover and rearranging the layers. The medium-plush side of the Roma feels just like the Select Sleep mattress in soft/medium/firm, and the firm-plush side of the Roma feels just like the Select Sleep mattress in medium/medium/firm (these are our 2 most popular setups for the Select Sleep mattress). The Roma is an outstanding value for sure, and the Roma is definitely an excellent choice.

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Thanks for the reply @Sleep_EZ! I have two concerns with the roma hopefully you can help clear up for me? Given my size is there any issues having only 6" of latex? Reading on here I thought i might need something thicker. Second, for the additional height if I understand correctly polyfoam is used in the quilted cover, I assume its probably one off cases but I seen a few threads on reddit with people having issues with it. A couple years down the line, if the polyfoam did have issues, could I just remove the cover and use the existing latex with some kind of topper and new cover?

Another option I was looking at tonight is going with the 6" HD Foam and 3" Talalay Latex hybrid mattress from diy mattress.

There is a chance that a 12" Classic could work for you. People with similar builds and sleep preferences have done well on our Classic. One thing that stands out is you liked the Lucid mattress, which is an all-foam mattress with memory foam. Despite its failure after a couple of years, it worked for you prior to that.

We might suggest staying with a memory foam mattress without springs. We’ve always found it best to stick with what has worked in the past. Maybe some fellow Mattress Undergrounders can recommend something with a similar design but using higher quality materials.

If you have tried or tested out any hybrid or spring mattresses lately, let us know, and we can give a better assessment of whether the Classic 12" would be a good fit.

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Thanks for the reply, we are going to go to a store this week that has the naturepedic line of mattresses to get an idea on how we both like latex and latex hybrid mattresses. I had a latex mattress probably10yrs ago that was unfortunately lost in a fire. No idea if it was all latex or a hybrid but I loved it, my wife has never slept on one though and I have no idea what the brand or specs were.

Is there any major brands that I should look for that would be more comparable to the dlx classic to test out.

Not sure if you realize that DLX makes a hybrid latex now too with their new LatexLux line. DLX LatexLux, plus they have a memory foam version too.

Unfortunately it’s way over our budget. My wife wanted to get the lucid again but the price went up a couple hundred bucks since we first got it and we decided rather then pay $650 for a mattress that will only last a couple years, to buy something that we can hopefully keep 5, 10+

I’m not aware of any mattress brands offering a two-sided mattress, so I can’t provide an exact comparison. We recommend trying any of the major brands like Serta, Sealy, or Simmons hybrid mattresses, or any that use a pocket coil unit at any major retailer near you. We suggest testing mattresses that are around 10" to 11" thick if you want to compare them to the 12" Classic. While these are shorter than ours, the key aspect to compare in a showroom test is the amount and type of foam between the sleeper and the pocket coil unit. If you find something you like, let us know the brand, model, and firmness. If you find multiple ones, even better. If you like one of the major brands using a pocket coil at 10" to 11", there is a good chance that we can get you comfortable on the 12" Classic.

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The firmer side of the Roma is ideal for anyone between about 185-245 pounds that sleeps on their side or back, so I think you’ll be just fine. Furthermore, you’re quite a bit taller than the average person, so your 230 pounds is spread over a greater surface area than someone at average height or below, meaning you’ll sink into it less. I really don’t think you’ll have any issues with this.

The King Roma does have a zippered cover, so if 10 years go by and the cover starts to take a body impression, you could technically buy a new cover from us in the future, although the cover only has a 1 year warranty, just FYI.

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Me and my wife were able to try a bear elite hybrid mattresses today and we both liked it, it was 14” but wished it was just a little firmer. They unfortunately didn’t have any 12” hybrids.

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Here’s what we learned laying on same mattresses today. First we tried was the naturepedic eos classic. We tried both plush and firm coils, with soft medium and firm latex and we hated every set up. Firm latex with plush coils was probably the best but when using medium or soft latex it seemed like we could feel the coils underneath and it wasn’t comfortable. So coil latex hybrids are out.

We also tried the best elite hybrid which we both liked, woulda liked a tad firmer but other than that it was good.

My wife previous to this never laid on latex before so this was a bad intro in my attempt to convince her to agree on purchasing one. She really wants us to just purchase the original nectar mattress as her mom had one and they both like it. I have previously owned a latex mattress that I loved. Got it on Amazon probably 10yrs ago, unfortunately can’t find it in my order history, just remember it was flippable with a medium and firm side. Unfortunately the seller doesn’t seem to be on Amazon anymore, just remember they only sold them up to a queen.

You might want to check with Sleepez, as they used to sell something similar to the Roma on Amazon. It was a two-sided mattress with one medium side and one firm side. However, I don’t think they sell on Amazon anymore. Given the preference for Lucid and Nectar, we would recommend a spring-free mattress. Perhaps some fellow Mattress Underground members or @Maverick can recommend a quality, spring-free king-size mattress for under $1000.

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On the all latex front, I would have to agree with @DLX. @Sleep_EZ, @Latex_Mattress_Fact1, or @Arizona_Premium may be a better fit in the price range. In terms of sheer quality of foams, these companies will typically outperform on a quality standpoint. Comfort is very subjective; some people can throw a comforter on the floor and be happy.

Nectar and their sister companies, DreamCloud and CloverLane, all use foreign-made foams sourced from various factories overseas, often resulting in different foams produced with varying specs and tolerances. This variability is why many individuals complain online (individual reviews, not review sites or company site reviews) that the mattress often doesn’t feel like the one they tried in the store.

This lack of consistency and durability is where most of these complaints originate. While the mattresses made here in the USA from our Trusted Member list, and while some latex is sourced from Sri Lanka, the consistency and quality are paramount.

Many other companies that manufacture here in the USA, including some TMs and others, when their foams are verifiable and the company is transparent, are simply more reliable than those who are not. This is why some of the S brands have lagged behind in recent times, they put out a lovely looking mattress, but fail to provide the information of what they consist of on a specification level.


That’s interesting, is that right @Sleep_EZ ?
If so would you remember any of the specs of it?

Really appreciate all your help @DLX!

I think that was our Naturale mattress, which is 2" of soft Dunlop (19-22 ILD) over 6" of firm Dunlop (38-40 ILD) with cotton & wool on both the top and bottom of the mattress, making it flippable.

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