King size memory/latex bed - just need make/model

[quote=“Phoenix” post=2961]Hi vettehigh,

I’m looking forward to hearing how it sleeps once everything is put together :slight_smile:

I have a friend who ordered the same mattress (using 24 ILD in the top) and I’m looking forward to his report as well.


1st night sleeping…awesome. Love both: mattress/foundation:woohoo:

The foundation I received is actually made by Glideaway called the Space Saver Frame. SOLID:)

[quote=“vettehigh” post=2820]Just ordered this:

$245 shipped for king:)

Wanted the 11 wires per side, (Walmart had 5-6 wires per side)[/quote]

Well its been several weeks and love the foundation. Thanks again Phoenix. Just want to say that my mother has a 4 year old Sealy memory foam with the boxspring and I noticed there was a dip in the middle of the bed. Just got another high grade steel foundation from myluxury in queen and now the mattress is dipless:lol:

Probably was the cheap Sealy boxspring…

Hi vettehigh,

That’s good news about your mom’s mattress. I think in many cases a problem with a mattress can be traced to a problem with the foundation where the mattress “follows” the dip.

I appreciate your feedback so that others can feel more confident that there are some good lower cost foundation options available.