King size memory/latex bed - just need make/model

Awesome site…Looking to upgrade to a King and have spent close to 10 hours over the past few weeks researching and I have had it:evil: . Would like to stay with memory/latex (Sealy post-pedic firm, present bed) foam, but would like a make/model so I can just order the bed. Do not want firm anymore and would like to spend less than $1500 with foundation/shipping included. If anyone has a simple answer, please let me know. Thanks

Hi vettehigh,

I can understand your frustration and there are many who share it as they wade through the quicksand of competing claims and promotions and one mattress begins to blur into another to the point where almost anything will do just to end the journey into madness :slight_smile:

Unfortunately though, it’s impossible for someone to know for certain which mattress may be best for you because each person is unique in terms of their height, weight, body shape, sleeping positions, and preferences and how these interact with different types of mattresses.

The absolute simplest way of finding a mattress that is “perfect” for you is instead of looking for the “best” mattress, to look for the best outlet. These are the outlets that have the knowledge and experience to fit you to a mattress that is suitable and has the highest possible quality and value in your budget range rather than the outlets that are focused on selling you a mattress that has a higher profit margin and use questionable or gimmicky sales techniques and “stories” which do more to confuse and mislead than they do to educate.

These better outlets that are focused on quality, service, and value tend to be local factory direct manufacturers or smaller sleep shops that sell local brands or smaller national brands that use higher quality materials in their mattresses and sell them for lower prices. They are more difficult for most people to find … even if they are close by … mainly because they don’t focus on advertising as much as they do word of mouth. “Following the advertising” or the recommendations of others who don’t have in depth knowledge of how different mattress constructions and how different personal “specs”, needs and preferences can interact with them can lead to some of the worst possible choices. With a product that can have such a big effect on both the 1/3 of your life spent sleeping and the other 2/3 that you are awake … it makes a lot of sense to me to make sure that the mattress you choose and your own needs and preferences are a perfect fit.

This article will give you a few guidelines which can help you avoid most of the traps and pitfalls (and frustrations) of mattress shopping.

If you let me know the city you live in … I’d be happy to take a look and let you know the factory direct manufacturers or better outlets I know about in your area. They are the ones that make your satisfaction more important than their profit and are better able to give you accurate and truthful information and help you make the best possible choices in your budget range.


I live in Binghamton, NY. As for my size, I’m 5’10 155lbs. My body is in top shape. I just want a mattress that is more plush than firm. If you could just give me an online site or the ones you would go with, please let me know. Just want a good quality memory foam mattress w/foundation or latex mattress. Thanks

I sleep mostly on my sides, few times on my stomach.

PS, lucky for me (this site), I was about to order a Vivon Serene mattress, but no go now!!

Hi vettehigh,

I took a quick look around Binghamton, NY and there are few if any good choices that are within reasonable driving distance in terms of either local manufacturers or better outlets that sell mattresses that have good value. (NOTE: see post #2 here for the better “possibilities” I’m aware of in the area).

This of course means that your best option is likely to be an online purchase.

There are really two directions to go with this. The first is to buy a mattress which is either “good” or “not good” and if it isn’t good then the outlet offers a refund which costs you little to nothing. In other words the price of making a mistake is very low.

The second option is to buy a mattress which can be “adjusted” after you get it so that if you make a mistake then the parts of the mattress that are “good” can be kept and the parts that are “not good” can be either changed or exchanged.

Both ways it would make sense to get as close as possible based on your needs and preferences because regardless of the cost … exchanging a whole mattress or even a layer of a mattress takes some effort and thought and is certainly an inconvenience at best.

So to improve the odds … it makes sense that your height and weight and sleeping positions are taken into account … and in this case especially your sleeping positions.

Side and stomach sleepers are the most difficult combination because the needs of side and stomach sleeping are completely opposite. Side sleeping needs thicker and softer comfort layers because there are more pointy parts (hips, shoulders, and pelvic crest) or pressure points which need pressure relief. Stomach sleeping on the other hand is the “flattest” sleeping position and the primary challenge for stomach sleepers is to have a firm enough support layer to prevent the much heavier pelvis from sinking into the mattress too deeply and creating a hammock effect and likely back issues and pain. Pressure relief is a secondary issue because the weight is already spread out over a much larger surface area so the comfort layers on the top need to be as thin and firm as possible. When someone is a combination sleeper then the thinnest firmest comfort layer that provides adequate pressure relief on the side is the best choice. A range of about 3-4" of softer material would be typical for a side sleeper and closer to 3" would be better than 4". Under this should be as firm as practical.

So since all memory foam is soft in terms of it’s ability to bear weight and provide support (you will always sink more deeply into any memory foam over time than a more elastic and resilient foam like latex or polyfoam) … I would likely be looking at 3" of memory foam over a 6" or so support layer of suitable polyfoam. Your weight and height works in your favor here as well because people who are taller and slimmer can use thinner comfort layers than those who are heavier and larger framed. Other things that may be important when you are looking at memory foam are the importance of free movement and the importance of temperature (how hot you tend to sleep).

So if I was looking at option 1 (a mattress that may work but that I can get a full refund at little to no cost if I was wrong) … then I would probably be looking at a place like Costco, WalMart, or Sams Club which offer full refunds. Sams Club at the moment for example has 2 mattresses which use 4 lb Aerus memory foam (10" and 12") which may be close to what you are looking for. Aerus comes in different levels of density/quality but is very breathable and a little faster reacting than other memory foams (less movement restricting and more breathable and cooler). 4 lbs which means that it is “in the middle” in terms of it’s durability. A mattress with 5 lb Aerus memory foam would cost more but would last longer. This is a good compromise and the prices at Sams Club are very good and there is no real cost in case it doesn’t work out. I would avoid the 3 lb Aerus (or any 3 lb memory foam)

If I was going to go with option #2, I would choose an outlet like the few that are mentioned in post #12 here. All of these offer good quality and value in their price range and several have varying degrees of ability to customize your choices at low cost either before or after purchase through layer exchanges.

King size all latex with a foundation and including shipping would be more than your budget but a latex hybrid (latex comfort layer and an innerspring or polyfoam support core) is still in your range. A very good option for this would be here. These mattresses have 3" of talalay over a 2.35 lb polyfoam base (high quality) and 1.5" of polyfoam in the quilting (which is just a little over the inch I usually recommend as a maximum but because the quilting compresses it and also because of the great value of these mattresses I would not make this an issue). They also offer a choice of ILD in the latex layer. I know the manufacturer of these well and think highly of them and once they make a few changes to their main site to bring it up to date they will be listed as manufacturing members here.

So hopefully this will help. I would spend a little time talking to the outlets I’ve listed here and in the other thread to get a sense of who offers the options, knowledge, service, and value that are the most important parts of your personal “value equation” and make your decision from there. All of these will be higher quality and much better value than what you would have available locally.


Thanks a million Phoenix. I can get the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress (King Size Ultra Plush) for $700 shipped or Aerus Natural Ultra-Luxe 12" Memory Foam Mattress (King) for around $600 (w/tax). I don’t see any 5 lb Aerus at Samsclub. Will probably go with Ultimate Dreams latex in soft, good choice? As for a foundation/riser, do you recommend the steel foundation? Would like to have just the mattress and foundation (2 total pieces). I see the good ones are close to $275 or so. Thanks again:lol:

Hi vettehigh,

Yes I think it would be a good choice and it’s certainly good value. Sams club only has a 5 lb Aerus topper not a mattress and it’s less common to see than the 4 lb. The other advantage of latex is that it is more supportive than memory foam for the times you sleep on your stomach.

There are quite a few steel foundations and some are better than others. Post #2 here and some of the other posts in the thread has some of the more reasonable foundation options and some comments about them . At one point I was a little skeptical of using some of the lower cost wire grid bases for a latex mattress because of the possibility that the thinner wire grids have less surface area than wooden slats and could let the very elastic latex sink into them but based on the feedback I’ve had from some manufacturers that are using them they seem to work well and with a polyfoam base they would be no problem IMO. They certainly are strong and can support up to 2500 lbs.


I was looking at these 2:

I get 15-20% off. Looks solid?

Thanks again Phoenix

Hi vettehigh,

There seems to be a few OEM manufacturers of these 14" platform frames and then they are each re-branded into many different names. They all are fairly similar but there are some noticeable differences between them and there is a wide range of prices between even similar models.

Some are quad fold and some bi-fold. There are add-ons like headboard and footboard attachments and different rubber corners and feet, and some have bedskirts of various types available. I also notice that some seem to have more wires running head to foot than others (it seems the twins run from 5 - 11 wires) which would provide more or less support. The only one I’ve seen with 11 wires per side is here and most are in the 5-7 range. There are also different weight ratings but I’m not sure how legitimate the ratings are because they all seem to be able to hold lots of weight. There are also some where the King and Queen size seem to be missing the longitudinal wires in the middle (which I would avoid).

If you search Walmart, Amazon, or google for platform frames there is a wide range of models and prices. The least expensive I’ve seen (for a 7 wire version) is at Walmart but they are out of stock for King and Queen (the King was $90).

My sense of things is that the closer the spacing there is in the support grid, the better it would be, but that most of them would probably be suitable.


I looked at the 11 per side for both king and for queen (for my mother), total would be $445 for both. Don’t really want to spend that much, but I’ll keep looking. Thanks

I looking to spend around $300 total, for both king & queen.The eco mattress store (PLATFORM RISER BED FRAME AND FOUNDATION COMBINATION) has them both (king/queen) shipped for $305 with my coupon.

Hi vettehigh,

That looks like a pretty good price for both.

About the only place I’ve seen them less is at Sams Club and Walmart. Sams club has one with the brackets and bedskirt for King = 117.86 and Queen = 112.74 plus tax and shipping.

Zinus (a Chinese manufacturer) makes both the Vivon and the Night Therapy so the base is probably the same.


Thanks Phoenix for all your help. The only difference between samsclub and the foundation at eco-mattress-store are lbs. The one in sams is tested up to 2,400 lbs and ecos is measured at 3500 lbs. I would say the same, just like you said. Thanks:)

I just looked at walmart and they have both king and queen for $215 total, if I pick them up. Will try and cancel my order from ecomattress and save $100 going with walmart.

These all look the same, wonder if there is any difference in quality?

I see too that they (walmart) have the forever foundation for around $360 for the king, good quality?

Almost at the end…Looking at 3 different foundations and I will get one of these tomorrow. My picks are as follows:

  1. $245 shipped
  2. $115 picked up
  3. $315 shipped from another source

Hi vettehigh,

I like the idea of the forever foundation and it certainly seems strong but not so much for foam core mattresses because they have a surface that doesn’t allow air to go through and ventilate the mattress. With an innerspring mattress this wouldn’t matter as much but I’m a believer in letting a foam core mattress breathe as much as possible so there is less danger of moisture getting trapped in the foam or in the ticking material on the bottom which can speed up the degradation of some foams and also increase the odds of mildew and other “unwanted visitors”.

Your other two choices look like good ones, I don’t have enough personal experience with these to really know for sure how wide the difference in quality between the various brands really is but they all seem very similar to me with the exception of the add-ons and the spacing of the grid surface.

I don’t know if you have already but it may be worth a quick call to My Luxury Mattress to ask them how they would compare the version they have and what the difference is. In my conversations with them, they have been very helpful and open. It might help to decide if the extra cost is justified.


Just ordered this:

$245 shipped for king:)

Wanted the 11 wires per side, (Walmart had 5-6 wires per side)

My husband and I are shopping for a new mattress. Your website seems very informative. I would like for you to give me some specific advice. After reading some of your advice, I am leaning towards a latex mattress. We currently have a pillowtop with a 4" memory foam topper. I find it difficult to move around on. Sounds like latex would be better. We are both large, just under 300 lbs 5’8 and 6’ and both are side sleepers. We live in McDonough, GA which is just south of Atlanta. Can you please give me some locations to shop and maybe some specs to consider?

Hi Georgiagirl,

Post #2 in this thread includes some of the better options in your area including several that make latex mattresses. I would do most of your initial research on the phone telling them about your circumstances, budget, and preferences and asking for their recommendations about which mattresses would be best for you to test. Conversations like this will tell you a lot about the kind of experience you may have if you go there and will help you decide which are most worth visiting.

With heavier weights … more durable ingredients are particularly important. This means higher density memory foams or polyfoams, lower gauge and firmer innersprings, or best of all in terms of durability (as you are already leaning towards) latex. There are some guidelines here about fitting a mattress to different weights and here about different sleeping positions. Because of your larger weights and side sleeping … you will likely do best with thicker/firmer than “average” comfort layers and firmer (and possibly thicker) than “average” support layers as well. Your own testing that is specific to pressure relief and alignment (rather than just overall comfort) using the guidelines as a starting point will help you zero in on your best choices. Some expert guidance from someone who can see you laying on a mattress, is knowledgeable of mattress materials and construction, and has a genuine desire to help you find your best choices (rather than theirs) will also go a long way towards your best choices.

If you have questions along the way … feel free to post them here but you have some very good choices nearby.


Again, thank you for everything. :slight_smile:

For the future, I really love the set up of the THE ZEN PLATFORM BED listed below:lol:

Hi vettehigh,

I have to say I like the Zen as well … and it’s not a lot more than some of the higher quality wood slatted foundations that are out there.


Just got my new Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress today - Can’t believe how compressed it was and then, boom (it expanded):lol: Thanks a ton Phoenix

Just waiting for my 11 wire foundation tomorrow or Friday.

Hi vettehigh,

I’m looking forward to hearing how it sleeps once everything is put together :slight_smile:

I have a friend who ordered the same mattress (using 24 ILD in the top) and I’m looking forward to his report as well.